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#7749: No, it didn't happen

I did not fire up the grill and make burgers. I slept like a stone, and when I got up, we went to the laundromat, and then to Culver's. Oh well.

* * *

I have never really cared much about seeing Americans win medals at the Olympics, but this year I'm kind of glad to see them losing in job lots, just like J.KB is.

* * *

Of course Chicago can't arrest its way out of the gun violence that plagues it. First off, with that many gang members in jail, where would the *cough* "campaign donations" *cough" come from?

Seriously: in order to curb the violence they'd need to start putting gangsters in jail by the hundreds. The result would be the cessation of illegal drug trafficking in the city (at least for a while) and the money would stop flowing. I'm not sure how big the Chicago drug trade is, but I know it's got to be upper tens of millions at the very least, and middle hundreds of millions would not surprise me. (A billion might startle me a little.) And I am just cynical enough to understand that the Chicago democrat machine gets a piece of that action, considering all the trouble it goes to not to arrest and punish the perpetrators of gang violence...which is most of the violence committed in the city in the first place.

Chicago, as I have said repeatedly, does not have a gun problem. It has a gang problem; and as long as gangsters are allowed to walk out of jails without much, if any, punishment for their crimes, those problems will continue.

* * *

I don't think these people understand what they are asking for. Some radical leftist black group is asking white middle-class parents to pledge not to send their kids to good colleges, because racism blah blah blah etcetera.

I knew those folks were lunatics; I just didn't realize they were raving lunatics. But it proves the point that I've made time and again about "reparations": no matter what they get, it won't be enough, ever.

Fifty-odd years of "affirmative action" later they are still demanding more, more, more cutouts and set-asides for "people of color". There won't be an end to it.

Hey, don't send your genius kid to MIT, so a black kid can go there instead and study whatever MIT's bullshit course is and graduate with a middle-of-the-road GPA, only to go into some kind of government job. Your kid is so smart that he might invent anti-gravity while at MIT, but fuck him, because he's white.

Yeah. No. This is a non-starter, except for the SJW/NPC crowd.

* * *

This guy is really a piece of work, isn't he? FBI agent who was one of the agents working in the Whitmer kidnap-entrapment case. He and his wife went to a "swinger's" party, and then when they got home from it there was some kind of fight in which he tried to bash her head in and choke her out. Apparently she said she didn't like the party.

A lot of those things that I hear about, like "swingers" and "key parties" and so forth, I just find them disgusting. It's one thing if you're not married, I suppose, but once you're married--well, you take vows when you marry someone.

I know that it used to be that if you committed adultery, you lost your security clearance--or at least it was reviewed with a gimlet eye. Even if you're doing it with your wife's permission (and his reaction to her not liking the party makes me wonder about that) it's still adultery, you know?

I don't think that's the case any longer. I mean, I don't think you have to have a security clearance to be an FBI agent but don't you have to have some integrity to be one? After all their (laughably ironic) motto is "fidelity, bravery, integrity". On the other hand, those are three qualities that seem in short supply around the vaunted halls of the FBI offices around the nation.


* * *

I have to say, Karl Denninger is not wrong, here. Bezos' flight into near-space last week does not make him an astronaut.

What makes an astronaut?

I think if you're sitting in a seat and not doing anything--and the only effect your presence has on the flight is the way your mass effects the trajectory--you're a passenger, not an astronaut. That seems pretty reasonable, no?

In fact, I already covered this, in #6565: How about calling them "tourists"? Would that be too much of a stretch?.

I think if you're the one flying the thing and whose skills are necessary should the shit hit the fan, you're an astronaut. Or--in the spirit of the post I linked--maybe you're the pilot?

There really isn't any need to make this more complex, folks.

* * *

Speaking of "complex"--

Last night I was running around on Ormus, doing a few things, and "looking for group" was full of the usual leftist asshats talking as if their opinions were the default reality. This time it was about LBGTCHDLAEHFDHetc issues.

One particularly brilliant shithead claimed that sexuality had nothing to do with biology, but there were plenty of howlers emitted by those morons. Anyway, it hit me: the transsexual "57 genders" bullshit we're going through is this generation thinking it invented sex.

Heinlein said it, and he didn't exactly notice something everyone else missed: "Every generation thinks it invented sex."

I think the cycle is a little longer than generational...and maybe not. Twenty years ago it was all about homosexuals. Twenty years before that it was interracial. Twenty years before that it was "free love". But it fits. Having no other good way to take licentiousness, the current generation has hit upon challenging the very idea of biological sex.

It's really kind of pathetic, now that I understand it.

* * *

It was pretty cool outside last night--a thunderstorm went through--but it was still really humid. Today it's cooler, but still humid and unpleasant.

Meh. Summer.

* * *

It's a hot day and I promised myself I would not do much of anything this weekend, other than cook and wash the dishes. I still haven't done either.

Back is improving. Yesterday my right side hurt, clear through, the same sort of pain I had that led the doc to prescribe muscle relaxers in the first place. That started Friday afternoon, with me schlepping PCs across the near offsite, but it was a continuation of pain I'd had in my left side the day before. I'm having to relearn my "relax your back!" thing again. These are muscles which got strained when the spine itself was hurting so much, because I was trying to "guard" against moving the spine such that the pain would get worse. So as I relax and take it easy, they gradually get better.

I have, in the garage, a small folding hand cart. I should use that instead of carrying things.

* * *

Anyway, my plans for the day are to cook dinner and get the dishes dealt with. Otherwise, I'm just going to relax as much as I can.
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