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#7753: How do we calculate Gross Domestic Product?

The big news of the day is that GDP grew 6.5% and the economy is now "bigger" than it was before the Wuhan Flu.

The thing is, one of the components of GDP is "government spending". And government spending over the past year has been insanely high. Every last cent of those stimulus checks everyone got? That counted towards GDP.

Every last cent.

That's why the government switched to using GDP rather than GNP (gross national product). Every last cent spent by government raises GDP. If you figure GNP instead, the economy is complete shit and has been for the last two decades.

* * *

The average inflation is about 23%. That's right: if it cost $1 last year, now it costs $1.23.

Where are the pay increases to match, you fucking media goons?

* * *

Today I spent most of my afternoon sweating my ass off.

Trip to the far off-site--once I was indoors I was sweating like a pig. Even though I ran full AC on the way there. Went back to office, dropped off one thing and picked up another, then hit the near off-site, and yeah--sweated my ass off.

Hit on a brainstorm today, though. I found my little 6-pack cooler, which Dad gave me when I was in my teens, and put two bottles of Pepsi in it. Then a refreezable cold pack on top.

When I took a bottle out to take a drink it was still ice cold. Marvelous. And the other bottle stayed very cold, too, even though I didn't open it until I was back at the office for the rest of the day, around 4-ish. So I may repeat that, because having cold drink is good in hot summer. No?

* * *

Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 74. I can already feel that the wind is much cooler than the still air, like cold air is moving in. That's why I'm not cutting the grass until tomorrow. And tomorrow night I expect to be able to open windows.

Weird summer, though. Still.

* * *

Went to get Chinese and as I was driving I saw a go kart sitting by the road, unattended. I wondered WTF was going on; but on my way back I saw the kid walking with a gas can in one hand and a drink in the other and realized: someone went out for a ride and forgot to fill the gas tank first. Heh.

* * *

Guy builds an e-bike for $150 in about 10 minutes. Probably smarter than my gasoline motor bike that took several hours. And only $30 more.

* * *

I've been listening to Kansas lately, kind of as a tribute to Robby Steinhart.

* * *

For some reason, Pandora has been playing a lot of piano music lately on my ambient/electronica channel. WTF.

* * *

Sadly, the trash is not going to take itself out. *sigh*

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