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#7757: Well, we went to the movies

Went to see Old. I thought it was pretty entertaining; Mrs. Fungus was kind of "meh" about it. But it was me taking her to the movies rather than us staying in and watching something on-demand. Complete with huge tubs of movie theater popcorn and jumbo (diet) drinks.

I'd thought we might go to dinner after, but she wasn't hungry (popcorn) so we stopped at the supermarket and came home. We're going to have grilled hot dogs a little later on.

So at least we got to go do something recreational before the next wave of lockdowns hit.

* * *

Why running the printing presses does not actually increase the size of the real economy. As mentioned previously, government spending is one of the components of GDP, so when the government spends a hell of a lot of money (as it did over the past 18 months with the two or three rounds of stimulus) it makes the economy appear to be growing.

Problem: it's not. People spent the stimulus money and then returned to normal spending habits, esp. if their primary income came from unemployment insurance. The result now is that the "booming" economy is hitting the brakes, hard. The average 23% inflation is not helping matters, either.

* * *

Most of the time, leftists are a little more self-aware than this. A democrat suggests that attempts to get black people to take the Wuhan Flu vaccination would be more successful if they were to open vax clinics in fried chicken restaurants. No, really! The only thing she missed mentioning was watermelon!

I think she should have gone for the trifecta and worked in spirituals, somehow. Maybe made the statement while wearing a white hood, just to drive home the point.

Scratch a leftist, find a racist. Always-always.

* * *

"I say 'theorized long term effects', but thats only because what we do have knowledge wise is from prior animal testing of mRNA treatments." I cleaned up the quote a little bit, just so you know.

...he says "theorized long term effectsbecause what we do have knowledge wise is from prior animal testing of mRNA treatments," but one of the major, major problems with the animal tests is that THE ANIMALS KEPT DYING PREMATURELY.

Whatever data they have from the animal tests does not extend to the "long term" because you cannot get "long term" data from an animal which is deceased. Which has ceased to be. Which is an ex-animal! Not just pining for the fjords.

* * *

Intrepid Reporter has the take on the geopolitical situation in China:
he reality is, despite the dreams of our Wannabe Overlords is that The US and our population is just TOO BIG to be controlled like the Red Chinese. Now those who say "But they DO have control of the population!" Yeah... but seriously, it's the population of the Modern Up-to-Date City Living Red Chinese... the 'professional class'... the dirt poor farmers and pig-ignorant out in the far provinces? Not so much, despite their propaganda. It's why they have to keep the charade up. If for one real second the Joe Chinks realized how MANY they really are and how badly they outnumber the assholes-in-charge, well, it'd get ugly real quick methinks. They keep the leash short on the inner cities so to speak. Most of China is still living subsistence style circa Turn of the 19th to the 20th Century. NOT 21st Century. They wish.
And if the proles out in the hinterlands ever find themselves starving, I have my doubts about the communist regime lasting very long past that point.

* * *

You still need to answer the question of where the electricity is coming from. If your country (or province or state) is suffering rolling blackouts because there isn't enough electricity to go around, your electric trucks aren't going to help matters one iota.

* * *

When I was at Ace Hardware the other day I saw--for $20--a tiny dashcam. It was one cubic inch. It can take a 32 GB microSD card. I almost bought it.

* * *

On the Parsons album The Time Machine, the second track features Frank Close saying the following:
When you look out into the night sky, you see the stars far away. You're seeing them because of the light which travels from them to you. Now, it takes time for light to travel here, so what you're doing is seeing the stars as they were in the past--the amount of time it has taken for the light to reach us--and the further and further away those stars are, the further back in time you are looking. Now, you are seeing a star that is, say, six thousand years ago. Imagine somebody on that star looking at us. They would be seeing us as we were six thousand years ago. Which of those two is "now?"

So, space and time are linked together: as we are looking across space, we are looking back in time.
"Which of those two is 'now?'" I've always loved that discussion, since the first time I heard it, because it very neatly encapsulates some of the problems that arise due to relativity.

While I was cutting the grass I was listening to The Time Machine and it got me to thinking about writing some kind of story where that question--"Which of those two is 'now?'"--was of vital importance. I'll let you know if I come up with anything.

* * *

Anyway, it's after 8 and the sun's setting. I better think about getting some dinner.

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