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#7759: It's a ridiculously nice day today

It was a ridiculously nice day yesterday, too. Can't complain.

* * *

Karl Denninger talks about the vaccine for Wuhan Flu. "Nurses are walking out en-masse over vaccine mandates in hospitals and other care settings. This of course leads to demand shifting to other places where they haven't done so (yet), but that's a problem too because they're short-staffed as well."

I'm not surprised.

* * *

By the way: have you noticed that the democrat-media complex (DMC) are simultaneously saying that unvaccinated people are putting us all at risk, but vaccinated people can still spread the thing?

They're communists. Internal consistency is not their strong point.

* * *

Whatcha gonna do when the rent comes due? Well, the eviction moratorium is over, and now people are on the hook for rent and past-due rent. A whole bunch of people who didn't pay rent (because the government said they didn't have to, regardless of whether they could afford it or not) suddenly find themselves in arrears.
We can't pretend that every person who didn't pay rent for the last year was some poor soul who just couldn't make rent because they were broke and starving and out of work.

States have been reopening. The biggest problem in some states is a lack of people wanting to work. Enhanced unemployment has been going out for a year.

It's clear that there were a lot of people who collected a lot of government money and didn't spend any on rent and lived very high off the hog during their "funemployment."

These people absolutely deserve to get evicted.
Exactly. That's exactly so.

Look: I have every sympathy for the guy whose job disappeared when the lockdowns started, and who couldn't pay rent because he had to feed the kid and money was tight.

But I have zero sympathy for the guy who realized, "Hey, I don't have to pay rent and they can't do nothing to me!" and who was still going to work every day and kept on doing everything as usual, but who spent his rent money on luxuries instead of paying his landlord.

Good luck to all those landlords out there.

* * *

Aesop lays it all out</a> on what he plants to say to his employer if they threaten to nasal-swab him due to not being vaccinated.

I am too easily flustered and tongue-tied to a) remember and b) articulate all that. But they're good arguments.

* * *

This seems to explaining how billionaires don't pay the same tax rates as the middle class, rather than the reason for the lower tax rates.

"Why" is exeeding simple: the politicians themselves are hyper-rich and don't want to pay high taxes. They get lots of campaign money from other hyper-rich people who also do not want to pay high taxes.

But "how"?
As the billions of dollars in capital gains pile up as the billionaire's stock holdings soar (thanks, Federal Reserve, for the free trillions; awful swell of you to give us all that free money), there's no income generated until the billionaire sells some shares. No sale, no income. Just pay yourself $1 a year in salary, borrow against your billions at super-low rates of interest, and voila, you're tax-free while you build your super-yacht, buy your private island, and so on.
That's why you see stories about so-and-so, hyper-rich, who doesn't have the money on hand to do X or Y. His wealth is entirely paper--stock certificates--and not liquid. And you can't tax borrowed money as income.

(Actually--I think you could, as long as you got a tax credit for paying it back...but isn't our tax code big enough already?)

In practical terms the loans made by that billionaire must be paid back, of course, but as long as interest rates are kept low it costs him little or nothing to take out a new loan and then pay back the first one with it. So what if he's carrying two hundred million in loans? His net worth is five times bigger.

This article misses the fact that there are probably half a million ways that the hyper-rich can manipulate their annual income such that they pay little or no tax on it. They don't need to use the one outlined above. Simple fact is that the richest of the rich in the USA pay something like 3% of their income in tax (just income tax, not including social security etc) while the middle class pay closer to 15%.

How big would the budget deficit be if the hyper-rich just paid the same rate as the middle class?

* * *

Of course it would still be as big as it is now, if not bigger.

* * *

LeBron James is a big vagina. He's whining that "racism" is the reason Space Jam 2 is eating dicks at the box office.

And Miguel gets it right:
Dear CaBron: Just because you are a conceited jackass and people refuse to spend money on a shitty movie does not mean systematic racism at the box office. It simply means your movie is disappointing and you should stick to play b-ball. You are not the first athlete to venture in the movie business only to suck and crash.

Get over yourself.
What's wrong, Labron? Are the chinese you love so much not seeing your movie?

Maybe people aren't seeing the movie because he's a commie douchebag and he's made it bleeding obvious over the past couple of years. Maybe it's just a shitty movie.

I don't care which.

* * *

I can't remember the last time I logged into WoW.

I know it was last week some time, but the day escapes me. It wasn't Friday or Saturday, that's for sure. Thursday? Maybe, for a little while.

Well--summer is not when I want to be playing WoW, but when I want to be doing things outside.

The thing is, my back is slowly getting better. I still do not know what the hell I did to it in late June, but whatever it was, it did not do me any favors. (Probably it was that day when I got the lawn chairs out, swept the patio, and then split some firewood.) I'm trying not to impede that progress, to the point that I dug a little baggage carrier from the garage, and have been using that to move things around at work--anything that I otherwise would have to carry by holding it in front of me. That seems to be helping a lot, by taking the strain off my lower back muscles. Curiously, I can bend over to put stuff on it, but I can't carry the stuff in front of me.

Haven't needed pain relievers, muscle relaxers, or NSAIDs for my back for the past week, more or less. New chair helped immensely; the trolley is helping too.

So, naturally, other things are coming out to play. Left shoulder is bugging me, but I think that's from holding phone/tablet in front of me. Left ankle is playing one of its dirty tricks on me: every so often, about once or twice a year, it will start hurting approximately at random for no good reason, as if it's been sprained, but there's nothing wrong with it. After a week or two it goes away. This has been going on since...when? Twenty years at least.

There's a kind of arthritis which hits, makes you miserable, and then gets better (including the damage to the joint) which I had never heard of until docs were trying to figure out my wife's joint pain; but NSAIDs should help that and in my case they don't. And the intensity varies: in the afternoon it may be fine but at midnight it hurts like hell, or vice-versa. Like I said, "approximately at random".


Besides that, my desk chair at work broke. I was leaning back and SNAP the left arm broke. I can't lean back in it unless I brace the back of the chair against the desk, and so now I face at work exactly the same issue I was having at home. I talked to the maintenance manager and she said she'd order me a new one; I hope it comes soon.

* * *

Of course, since we spent yesterday at the cinema, today we need to wash clothes, which necessitates a trip to the laundromat.

The new motor for the washer has not come, the one I bought from eBay and paid for via PayPal on July 18th. Tracking says "shipper created label, UPS has not received the package" so now it's been sitting there for two weeks. I sent the seller a query about a status update Friday night but haven't heard anything back yet. I'll probably send another one on Monday if I don't hear anything; but if I still don't hear anything and I have to send a third, then the third one will say something approximating, "If I do not hear anything from you regarding this matter, I will leave negative feedback and start the process to get my money back."

* * *

Otherwise, nothing going on. It's Sunday, and we have a full week ahead of us. Could be worse.

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