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#7761: Not going tonight

My ankle feels all right, but I don't want to mess it up by taking a half-mile walk. Kind of a shame, because it's a pleasant evening.

I rode by there on the bike, and saw some vehicles I'd like to take a closer look at, but.

* * *

I rode the motorcycle back to the plant this aftenoon, after lunch.

Had an iPhone to take over to the near off-site, so I took it over there on the motorcycle. To be honest, that felt like cheating: I was having too much fun riding my motorcycle for it to be work.

After work was over, I hit the store to pick up a prescription. I'd intended to buy a sixer of Mountain Dew but they're charging full bore unless you buy four of them, and there's no room on the bike for four six packs. $4.60 a six-pack did not appeal, so I figured I'd go to the near grocery store. Rode to the other side of the ass, only to find their stocks almost completely depleted due to the 4-for-$10 sale they were having. It was certainly uncontaminated by diet Mountain Dew.

So, I have to drink diet Pepsi with my breakfast tomorrow. Oh well.

* * *

Aaaand now my ankle is hurting. Good call.

* * *

How to vastly improve the efficiency of growing food. Genetic manipulation, adding a gene for plants to make an enzyme called FTO.

The efficiency of the photosynthetic process in plants so treated went up 36%. Yields went up 50%. The plants became more tolerant of dry conditions.

Lots more testing and research is needed, but if it pans out this could be the most important advance in agriculture in history.

* * *

I was thinking today about what the Jeep needs. There's a bunch of parts I need to acquire ASAP. The idea is to make it possible for me to fix what needs fixing in the event that the impending lockdown ("Two weeks to stop the spread! ...again.") makes parts hard to get, or the feds make this an extra double-secret probation lockdown.

It depends on how ornery the feds want to be about this. In general I think a lot of people are going to say, "No, we did that and it didn't work. Go scratch." Will the feds double down, or double back?

Meanwhile the Houston location has shut down the office there, and who knows what's going to happen elsewhere.

Either way, it's stupid. Lockdowns don't work. Masks don't work. The vaccine doesn't work. Social distancing doesn't work. The only thing that works is getting the thing and getting over it.


* * *

I keep seeing kei truck videos on YotsuTotsu, and the more I see, the more I want one. Ideal is still a Suzuki Carry 4x4, of course.


* * *

Anyway it's a lovely day outside. I was able to ride my motorcycle. Not sure what dinner will be, don't really care--it'll be something tasty enough. Got Rick and Morty and Tuca and Bertie to watch with dinner.

Tomorrow can handle itself.

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