atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#776: Spam for the holidays!

Shoemaker Benny wants to be a lumberjack! (Instead of a shoemaker?) And I'm assuming that also means he:

  • skips and jumps
  • presses wildflowers
  • wears high heels, panties, and a bra
  • wishes he'd been born a girlie, just like his dear mama.

Mitzi Z. Benevides and Shirley R. Dejesus want to help me enlarge my dik:

Sorry, Mitzi and Shirley. I think it's just the right size.

Foulkes Posso is advertising algae. Some people think they can sell anything.

Yes, Dr. Vanessa Kimball, I am a real man. I satisfy all the requirements: Y chromosome, penis, testicles. Check.

Florencio Ediger is discussing the the process by which clover and similar plants deposit nitrogen in the soil. I'm not really interested.

Kareem Koenig says his mom has a nickname down at the truck stop.

Gwendolyn is talking about Canadians, but doesn't complete her sentence. Still, I'm pretty sure I know what she was saying. Using my vast knowledge of Canadian culture, I have reconstructed that subject:

"The main barrier cited by Canadians to doing more for the environment was the complete lack of beer involved, eh."

I present it here, free of charge, as a public service.

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