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#7781: Bombs in DC and NYC--why not

So, just when the ruling class AKA the Gangster Party has a gigantic clusterfuck on their hands, suddenly there's a crazy white guy with a truck bomb in DC, and there's a bomb scare in Times Square, and this is my shocked face.

How convenient that the media now have these events to talk about on tonight's news, instead of the MASSIVE MILITARY AND FOREIGN POLICY FAILURE the Biden regime slapped themselves with. So instead of talking about how Joe Biden said that the Afghani refugees clinging to the outside of an airplane and then falling to their deaths happened "four or five days ago, man!" (rather than the actual, y'know, two days before the day of the interview) they can talk about the DANGEROUS WHITE SUPREMECIST TRUCK BOMBER.

The real fault lies with the generals who ignored President Trump's instructions to prepare to leave Afghanistan.
Of course, I blame President Biden for the disastrous retrograde operation still unfolding. But let us not allow that to deflect us from heaping even more blame on military leaders. They stonewalled President Trump rather than beginning deliberate preparations to exit the country when he told them to. They thought that they could outlast him and then talk sense to his successor. Then after the inauguration, they pressed the new president to reverse course. He wisely chose withdrawal. Then and only then did the generals begin their preparations in earnest. But it was too late to do it well.
And at the same time--entirely by coincidence, I'm sure!--Kamala Harris flees to Vietnam, beyond the reach of extradition.

Fire them, hell--the military men should be court martialed. But incompetence has no price as long as you're a member of the Gangster Party.

And believe me, they really, REALLY screwed the pooch on this one. Right up the shaft, without lube, and they screwed that poor dog so hard he's going to be walking funny for the rest of his life.

* * *

I really can't stand Larry David. My wife likes his show. I don't know why; it's not even remotely funny. All the gags are approximately the same schtick: Larry does something, someone takes exception to it, and then blows it way the hell out of proportion.

Anyway, apparently Larry David was yelling and screaming at Alan Dershowitz at a grocery store, because Dershowitz has a few tenuous ties to the Trump administration--mainly things like the fact that Trump's Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, was a former student of his, and he was seen greeting Pompeo warmly.

"Larry," Dershowitz said, "is a knee-jerk radical. He takes his politics from Hollywood. He doesn't read a lot. He doesn't think a lot." It definitely shows in his television program.

Via, and it doesn't sound like he has any less disdain for Larry David than I do:
Note well, the idiot celebrity had nothing to say, nothing to add to the conversation. The best he could do was to conjure the word "disgusting," as though he were waving a clove of garlic and trying to ward off a witch.

What got the cerebrally impaired David into highest dudgeon was the fact that Dershowitz had greeted his former student, Mike Pompeo, cordially and courteously.
You don't have to be smart to be rich. Especially in Hollywood.

* * *

Intrepid Reporter does not agree that the guy in DC was a false flag, even as he admits that the guy has "three names", like every last other person involved in such incidents. The "three name" thing--I never noticed it until it was pointed out to me, but sure enough--the guy that blew up the AT&T place in Nashville, for example? The guy that shot up the country music concert, the event that got bump stocks banned? Every time something like that happens, the guy has three names...and Intrepid Reporter is convinced that's a telltale sign of a false-flag event.

* * *

Sarah Hoyt lays it all out: EVERYTHING IS STUPID, she says, and she's for damned sure right. I don't know if I have ever felt a blog post title like I felt that one.
...[T]he Junta has its hair on fire over Covid, or at last that's their pretense, to get us to look away from their craven failure.

Here's the inside scoop on those "overloaded" hospitals. It's true. They're overloaded. Oh, not because Winnie-the-flu is that terrible, particularly not the "dreaded" Delta variety. It's because many medical personnel chose to exit rather than take the vaccine as condition of employment. So "I've got weasels in my pants" Joe's attempt to fix it by making all the nurses take the vaccine means--

Come on, guess it. Go for it. I give you three guesses and the first two don't count.

The hospitals are not overloaded because there are millions of new cases of Wuhan Flu. The hospitals are overloaded because they are making vaccination a condition of continued employment, and a LOT of highly trained medical personnel are unwilling to be unpaid and unwilling guinea pigs for Pfizer and Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, even if it means going on unemployment. Also because most of them understand the role that "antibody-dependent enhancement" plays in the progression of SARS and SARS-CoV2.

And that unemployment, it must be said, has been "enhanced" with an additional federal payment. That's why places can't hire workers, and that's why the feds desperately want to make unemployment contingent on vaccination status. They want those nurses between a rock and a hard place: either you get vaccinated to keep your job, or you get vaccinated to get unemployment so your kids don't starve.

The fact that the vaccine doesn't work all that well in the first place notwithstanding.

* * *

China is moving back to communism in a big way and it's going to crush the engine that is powering their economy.

* * *

Well, it's Thursday. I need to go caulk my washing machine. But first I need to go back to the plant and get my phone. *sigh*

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