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#7788: Amazon, $12, here tomorrow

No shipping, even, and it's a genuine Frigidaire part. Which means I should be able to put the dryer back together and then turn my attention to fixing the belt problem with the washer.

Such a stimulating life I lead.

* * *

So, today, the FDA announced that the Pfizer vaccine for the Wuhan Flu has been "fully approved".

Karl Denninger says that this voids the emergency use authorizations (EUAs) for all other vaccines--so the J&J and the Moderna vaccines are now no longer authorized for use. That's the law; as long as a verified and approved method is available, anything else is strictly illegal. Which means the "approved" status for Pfizer's vaccine negates the EUAs for the other vaccines, and in a world where "rule of law" was still in effect, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson would be screaming right now.

However, over at Bustednuckles they're saying that the new "approval" document is merely another EUA. A commentor opines that the vaccine produced under the EUA is merely being re-authorized with an EUA (pursuant to the above bit about "negates the EUAs").

I don't know. What I do know is that I will not take another shot for the damned thing.

* * *

Apparently the Pfizer vaccine weakens the immune system. Not just against Wuhan Flu 2: Delta Boogaloo, but all disease.

Lovely, no?

* * *

John Wilder talks about the consent of the governed. AV--which I really need to start editing!--I make the point that "consent of the governed" is essential to maintaining order.

People talk about how, in imperial China, the emperors needed "the mandate of heaven", but that was just a fancy way to say "consent of the governed".

It does not take a very large percentage of the people getting pissed off, standing up, and saying, "No!" for a government to be overthrown. I agree with his thesis; it does not take a lot, and I think the American political system was already teetering on the edge of losing any pretense of legitimacy long before the Biden Debacle. The Gangster Party is using Wuhan Flu 2: Delta Boogaloo as an excuse to revisit the draconian revocation of civil rights they pulled off last year, but I don't see that going over very well. Particularly if they try to make it last until December of 2022.

That ain't happening. People are already tired of this stupid crap. The constant moving of the goalposts alone is enough to have lost them probably forty percent of the populace, and if they try to do wholesale lockdowns again it had better be done with National Guard troops (ones who have been issued ammunition, unlike the ones protecting DC) stationed at every stoplight, because otherwise it's not going to work.

* * *

I keep seeing stories like this one about China and wealth redistribution. That one's CNN so it doesn't draw the obvious conclusion (ie communists gotta commie) but it talks about "growing wealth inequality" which is double-speak for "the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer!"

The thing is, the rich in China are a tiny minority, and they're confined to the big cities. The great mass of proles out in the hinterlands, they're not rich; they're all dirt poor.

I think the commies are talking about this because the masses are starting to get a little irritated with the fact that they're still scraping by on $1.40 worth of rice per day while people in Beijing are driving Ferraris. The redistribution of wealth is a big commie bugaboo but actually doing it would wreck their economy faster than you can say, "Mao diddled little girls". The head commie over there needs to talk up the Glorious Workers' Paradise bits without actually taking any serious measures that would bind the mouth of the kine that tread the grain. Those rich people still want to be able to buy Ferraris next year, after all, and if the government starts confiscating their money, they're not going to be very happy about it.

China is, I think, about one week's worth of skipped meals away from a complete collapse. I'm not sure the US is doing any better, though.

* * *

White House goons "too afraid" to tell Biden that his plans for abandoning Afghanistan would be a disaster. And so off we go to the races, closing the air base first and then--

I don't need to rehash it. Biden's a total fuck-up and we're all screwed.

* * *

Today I had to replace batteries in a UPS in the server room. The batteries are contained in trays. 8 batteries, 12V, 5 A-H, connected in series, in each tray. 2 trays in the UPS. I had to remove the trays from the UPS--one at a time--open it, swap the batteries, then reinsert them. The job was made slightly easier by the fact that they're hot-pluggable, meaning you can take the battery trays out, and put them back in, with the UPS turned on.

Anyway, the result is that I now have sixteen lead-acid batteries in my office. Probably one or two of them is bad and the rest are useful. What could I do with, say, ten or twelve 12V lead-acid batteries? Further, each battery can supply 5A for an hour, or 1A for 5 hours, or however you care to do it. Ten of them in parallel would be 50A-H at 12v, which means enough current to crank a car engine for an hour. Or put them in a parallel-serial array, so you've got four columns of four batteries. 20 A-H at 48V, then. How far could an electric bike go on that?

But instead, of course, these batteries are slated to go onto a pallet in the hazardous waste building, from whence they will go to some place that recycles lead-acid batteries.

* * *

Anyway, I'm tired today.

I felt all jangled up so I took a Xanax last night; and I slept all right, but woke up feeing embalmed anyway.

Maybe I ought just to go to bed early tonight, but I don't know. It's not even eight yet.

* * *

Two weeks to Labor Day. Whee.

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