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#7791: They're even wearing golf shoes

President Fuckup delivered a belated bloviation about the suicide bomber attacks that killed about a dozen American soldiers and a bunch of other people. Of course, it is all Trump's fault.

There are degrees to which people can step on their own dicks, but at this point I think it's safe to say that the Biden regime is wearing shoes with a pretty aggressive tread. Holy shit. They as much as gave the Taliban a pre-sorted enemies list. "Hey, can you get these folks out for us?" "Hehhehheheh surrre we can. Oops! The first one got shot. Oh, no, the second one got shot. The third one--oh no, shot! At least we can give you number fo--no, he got shot. Oopsie! We're just so clumsy!" And so on.

Brickmuppet tries to look on the bright side. No rude twittles from the White House today!

* * *

FDA did not actually approve the Pfizer shot but just extended its emergency use authorization and then said they'd approved it. You see, that is how they're getting around the black-letter law that says an approved vaccine automatically cancels the EUA for the others: they're not actually approving it.

They're just saying that it's approved in their press releases. So the FDA is, essentially, lying to the American people.

Meanwhile, Arse Technica continues to claim that Ivermectin doesn't treat the Wuhan Flu as they have all along.
the petri dish data has yet to translate into any convincing clinical data that the drug is actually useful against COVID-19 in whole people. Clinical trials have been small and produced inconsistent results. Meta-analyses aimed at weeding out potential clinical benefits have struggled with faulty data, and some have been retracted.

Additionally, researchers have reason to doubt that further research will prove ivermectin is effective against COVID-19. As the National Institutes of Health notes in its clinical guidance, drug studies suggest that getting blood concentrations of ivermectin high enough to replicate the SARS-CoV-2-thwarting effects seen in petri dishes would "require administration of doses up to 100-fold higher than those approved for use in humans."

All of this hasn't stopped COVID misinformation mills on the Internet from promoting the drug—and people from buying into it. The FDA has been warning of misuse for months. But amid the surge in the delta coronavirus variant, ivermectin misuse has escalated to alarming levels.
You know like in India, where they quashed the initial outbreak of "delta variant" with Ivermectin.

The simple fact is that both Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have been demonstrated, time and again, to be effective at combating the Wuhan Flu. A quinine variant (not HCQ, a different one) was demonstrated to be extremely effective against the original SARS outbreak, but neither therapeutics nor vaccines were necessary since SARS burned out extra-fast compared to the Wuhan version.

And not in "100-fold higher" doses, either.

The way that the left has come out against the use of any therapeutics--even ones like monoclonal antibodies--leads me to believe that they have a stake in making this thing as bad as possible. The way they outright deny the evidence presented from a myriad of sources regarding the effectiveness of antimalarials and antiparasitics tends to undercut their assertion that Wuhan Flu is teh Worst Disease Evar.

Larry Correia's takedown of George Takei is getting plenty of attention. And so it should. Takei is an idiot.

A lot of quotes on-line from him that I see are all about how he--at a young age--was scooped up by the federal government and put into internment with his parents, because he's Japanese. But not once has he ever mentioned that the party that put his family into internment was the Democrats, that it was FDR who was responsible for it. He's quick to denounce the literal fascist move undertaken by the feds, but apparently it was just this thing that sort of happened ex nihilo. Because republicans, or something.

* * *

I had intended to cut the grass today, but I dragged ass all day, and when I got home I started feeling sick to my stomach and ended up just going to bed. I've only been up about an hour, but I need to take out the trash and maybe eat something.

Not sure what's wrong. Mrs. Fungus went through a bout of low-level gut crud, though, so it might be something I caught from her.

Oh well. Tomorrow is Friday, at least. No real plans for the weekend, either, except to get the washer and dryer back into proper operating condition.

And get the grass cut.

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