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#7796: One down, one to go, I guess?

The dryer part came today and I put it in. Dryer works.

The part is different than original equipment, but I'm told it's an "equivalent" part. Well, in order to make it work, I needed to shim the pivot point for the thing so that the pulley would line up with the motor pulley. (The belt then goes around the drum, in whichever place suits the alignment of the motor pulley.) However, having accomplished that, it works.


...still need to bodge up some kind of door switch, though. My wife and I are both smart enough to turn the thing off but it'd be nice to have it be 100%.

I figure I could do the job with one of these gewgaws:

Bend the actuating lever so that when the door closes, it actuates the switch. The hard part is mounting it, and that's really not all that hard, since all I'd have to do is figure out where to epoxy some L-brackets, and then tweak the actuating lever so that it's just right.

Oh well.

* * *

The world is not getting more sane.

Chase Bank canceled General Mike Flynn's credit cards because--well, they say, "because continuing the relationship creates possible reputational risk to the company."

Fascism in action, folks.

Attorney representing a number of January 6th political prisoners has "gone missing" and no one knows where he is. How's that for "spy novel"?

The Biden regime is threatening to "revoke the special relationship" between the US and England if they keep referring to him as "Sleepy Joe".

Incidentally, we're now hearing tell that the "ISIS-K terrorists" that were hit by a drone strike in retaliation for the suicide bombers at the 2021 Kabul Biden Debacle Festival were in fact an innocent family including six children. Of course that information is coming out of a war zone and it's probably worthless, but for some reason I find it more plausible than I would have say, oh, about four or five years ago. Not sure why.

* * *

Larry Correia is wondering where the Biden voters went. They are strangely silent, not defending their guy at all. Oh, there is some nonsense arising about how the 2021 Kabul Biden Debacle Festival was all Trump's fault, but it's not really being pushed by the people who were so adamant that "anything! would be better than the Cheeto!"

Turns out, that's not so.

* * *

Neil Young has always been a complete asshat. That's why "Sweet Home Alabama" calls him out specifically: "Well I hope Neil Young will remember/A southern man don't need him around, anyhow".

Neil Young is really unhappy that people are trying to make money. Of course, as the article comments, not everyone has a net work of two hundred million dollars to fall back on, so they try to keep on working through the pandemic that has every fainting violet over the age of 60 scared shitless.

Hell, if I had $200 million in the bank I wouldn't be working at all. Neil Young isn't--he's 76, well past retirement age--and it's long past time for him to hang up his guitar and fade away.

* * *

In China, they build unnecessary apartment buildings and then stop in the middle because they're unsafe. Then when it comes time to implode them, they can't even do that right.

* * *

Scroll down to "is this gonna be on the test?" and see why I would never recommend that anyone ever be a teacher, not even my worst enemy.

Four girls have a mini-riot, presumably because one of them "disrespected" another. The teacher can't maintain control because if he even says "boo" they'll sue him down to his skivvies.

* * *

So, I had a look at that crown again, and saw how much tooth material is stuck to it--yeah, that's not going to be repairable. That tooth will have to come out, and I'll have to get a partial for that side. The thing is, though, how does that work? There's nothing behind that tooth to connect a bridge to; it's the rear-most molar on that side. There no tooth in front of it (that was removed in the early 1980s) and the wisdom tooth was taken out in 2012 because it was the one that made my jaw hurt when I made the wrong expression. So I need something on that side, lest the upper teeth get out of alignment and extend too far down.

The right side is in much better shape, but there is one tooth that had a filling in it that came out. It doesn't hurt at all (has not) so I've foolishly let it ride, and shouldn't have--but it might be salvageable, depending on how solid it is. I think it still has its roots, since if a root canal had been done it would have gotten a crown instead of a filling. If that's so, then "no pain at all" would seem to indicate the roots are okay.

I did a little looking at this stuff today and it looks as if doing a partial for back teeth would require anchoring, one way or another--they can't just stick a blob back there and have it remain in place. I think. I don't know. I'm going to see the dentist (they're closed on Mondays, so I have to wait for them to call me back) and see what they recommend. Considering what an implant would cost--$6K is what Mrs. Fungus was quoted--I'm thinking that I won't want to go that way.

Anyway, the crown that came out has been in there for twenty years. That's not too shabby. I had a bunch of work done when I worked for Rockwell-Collins (because they had amazingly good benefits) and I actually don't remember everything I had done; I don't even remember who my dentist was. But I have not had major work done in my mouth since then, other than the two wisdom teeth getting removed. I saw a dentist here in town a couple of times, but I don't remember what he did nor do I recall his name, and that was before 2010 anyway.

* * *

So, I am told that the state went back to full mask mandates etcetera today. I only went to work and back, so I don't know what that amounts to.

I rode the bike back to work after lunch. The motorcycle has developed an annoying leak in the front tire. Today, after work, I sat down with the spray bottle and tried to find it, and eventually found that air is leaking from around the valve stem. That means that the tire is not punctured, but the inner tube is leaking. And it's bad enough that if I leave the motorcycle alone for more than a day or two, the tire loses all pressure. It's not totally flat, but before I can ride I need to reinflate it.

So, I was thinking: take the bike to the Yamaha shop that put the tires on the rims for me, and have them fix that. At the same time, have them do the tune-up I've been wanting for so long--including synchronizing the carbs, adjusting the clutch and brakes, and chain tension, and-and-and. I could do that myself, but I'm finding myself with more projects than I have time, and something has to give way somewhere. Besides, if the thing were to be set up by a professional, then it would just be a matter of maintaining those settings, and I believe that's not too difficult.

It'd be a bit spendy, yes...but my bike would be totally correct for the first time since I've had it.

Meanwhile, having fixed the dryer, I've found that the exhaust pipe connection is FUBAR. I need to get some new vent tubing and re-do the vent. I still need to add a bit more silicone to the washer's drain hose and get its front panel back on. And this and that and the other thing....

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