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So, is there a shadow war taking place? Intrepid Reporter fills a post with cautions to the effect that he's theorizing, but damn if it doesn't sound plausible.

The Biden Debacle suddenly makes some kind of sense, the way he discusses it there: as the result of three factions trying to seize total control of the United States: the executive branch, the military, and the intelligence community. The incredibly stupid decisions made in this horseshit have all been covert strikes by one faction against another. And of course the Americans abandoned to the Taliban are just pawns in their game. All the death and suffering those poor people are having visited upon them--

And those poor dogs. 20 dogs, abandoned. There's a special place in hell for people who abandon dogs.

* * *

Supposedly Chinese nationals have been flown home to China to get the Chinese vaccination for the Wuhan Flu. They don't trust the American version. I wonder why that is?

I have a feeling this shit is going to get out of control, and we'll be lucky to live through it.

* * *

Now that the $15 minimum wage is more-or-less a reality, now they want $26. WTF why don't we just go to $100 and get it over with? Burger flippers making $200k per year--why not?

I mean, a Big Mac will cost $500, but you proles need to stop eating so much meat, anyway.

* * *

John C. Wright explains how leftism works.

The one thing that's missing from his discussion is the fact that leftists get off on being hypocritical, because it proves they have the power--but it's a minor detail, and missing that does not mean his discussion is wrong. It is, in fact, 100% correct.

* * *

Today sucked.

I mean--

Went to the far off-site this morning so I could try to get finished the things I was unable to finish last Friday. I got one of them done.

One of the big bugaboos right now is moving everyone to Windows 10. There are still a few hundred Win7 PCs in use and after Dec 31 Microsoft stops doing security updates on it, so.

Generally speaking this means that a deskside support guy like me has to take the same model PC that User Man has, put the Win10 image on it, transfer his saved files and bookmarks and such to the system, make sure the software he needs is installed, and then swap the systems.

So today I was going to handle one of the very few folks who are lined up to get brand new computers. This PC has been sitting on my desk for a couple weeks because the guy is only in the office Tue and Fri, and there have been 30,000 other things going on. Today I finally get to Building 2 at the far off-site and he's there. Great!

I was going to copy his data to his network share, which is the recommended way to handle that. Well, he doesn't have one--no write privileges at all for the network drive--so I figured I'd give him and his old PC the USB write privileges and just dump his data to a flash drive, since he has under 6 GB on his system.


Thwarted by the two fastest methods, I decided to swap the new PC in, take the hard drive out of the old one, and see if I could copy it that way. Now, the old PC has VGA and the new PC has DisplayPort, but I have a 3-pack of DP-to-VGA adaptors in my laptop bag for this exact situation, and I can just use one of them--

--except, of course, THEY DON'T FUCKING WORK.

I tried two, and neither one worked, so I packed everything up and returned to my office, where I tried all three of them--and none of them worked.

You see, this is what is so stressful about my job: constantly having to figure out how to do the simplest fucking tasks because what worked last time DOES NOT WORK this time. It's also why several people above me think I'm an idiot, but it's not me; it's the system.

I don't have the rights to write to any network share except the one at my main site, so if the user whose data I'm trying to copy doesn't have write access to the local network share, I'm SOL.

Writing to USB devices is strictly controlled. The user must be a member of the right Active Directory group to do it; but so must his computer. I added this user and his PC to that group, but it did not work. I think it takes 24 hours before it does.

There's a good chance that copying the data from the old drive wouldn't have worked, either; that's something I've run into too many times, and it's why I spent an entire afternoon copying the data from one computer to another at the near offsite. Windows 7 file permissions can't be changed by Windows 10 because WHY THE HELL WOULD IT and so if the hard drive isn't set up just right, Windows 10 won't let you copy the data.

I solved that problem by using the Win7 machine to copy the data to the Win10 HDD, and that only worked because the replacement PC had a HDD and not an SSD. In the case of this user at the far offsite, the new machine has a M.2 SSD (about the size of a postage stamp) and the old machine doesn't have anything even close to the correct interface for that. And--as mentioned--no writing to external drives allowed.


The thing that really busted my hump, though, was the video dongles. By now, at that place, I'm so used to having to fuck around with junk, it no longer really bothers me all that much; but to have three brand-new parts be defective right out of the box--

I somehow have to convince the infrastucture coordinator not to buy cheap Chinesium junk from Amazon when I make a request for this kind of hardware. Holy crap. Though, y'know, it probably wouldn't be excessive if the fucking company would just buy computers with VGA video outputs, since NEARLY ALL OF THEIR FUCKING MONITORS USE VGA and they sure as hell aren't going to want to pay to replace every last monitor with DisplayPort units. That's why we're doing "like for like" replacement of systems. Most of the Win10 upgrades we're doing is on hardware which isn't less than 4 years old, and we're replacing the Win7 systems with reimaged ones of the same vintage.

And yes, it's bitten me in the ass: I had one system throw its fucking hard drive when I tried to copy the data to it. And that was lucky--what if it had thrown its hard drive after it was deployed?


On the plus side, though, I fixed a couple of trouble tickets and got the other Chromebox set up, so I did accomplish something, at least.

Anyway, so I'll have to go back to the site again, probably on Friday, when I figure out what to do about this nonsense. If I do.

Meanwhile, of course, I have a crapton of other systems to upgrade. And all this has to be done by the end of the year. But when I do one, all I have are problems.

* * *

Anyway, August is over in about an hour and a half. Then it's September, twenty years since 9/11/01, and everything is a fucking mess.

* * *

So, I've been re-watching the first season of Tuca & Bertie on Netflix, and it's really entertaining. And silly and weird.

* * *

I had hoped to ventilate with outside air tonight, but it's just not working. Temp outside is low 70s and dewpoint is 65; that's a comfortable temperature if you're sitting outside, but inside it just feels hot. So I've closed the bunker back up and turned the AC back on.

Tomorrow night may work better. We'll see.

* * *

Well, after sitting here for twenty minutes playing Hexiom Connect, I don't have a snappy ending, so I think I'll just stop writing and go to bed.

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