atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#778: Just Awesome.

Via Unix-Jedi, we have this. A pithy quote follows; do go read the entire thing, because it is well worth it.
14. Fraudulent elections. Thank you, “American,” from the bottom of my heart, for saving this for last. The Miami Herald did a very, very in-depth study of the 2000 election in Florida. Here are the facts: Bush won the first mechanical count. Bush won the subsequent mechanical recount. That is all constitutional law required. But Bush then went on the win the third mechanical count. Bush then won the hand recount, where election officials read tea leaves and chicken entrails to determine a voter’s ‘intent.’ As far as ‘judicial selection’ goes, the Constitution requires that electors be present in Washington at a certain date. The Supreme Court merely told the Florida court that it is not allowed to continue to recount and recount and recount and recount until it gets the result they desire. The Supreme Court did NOT “select” Bush. They told Florida to have their electors on time. This is the essence of a lawful and orderly society. Tanks did not roll. Gunfire was not heard in the halls of the Congress, as they are no doubt in whatever little shithole you are writing from. I voted for Gore in 2000, to my everlasting shame, and I was immediately convinced that he had lost and was deeply embarrassed by the showboating. NIXON, evil EVIL Nixon conceded the 1960 election with far, far stronger case because he knew what was good for the country.


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