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#7811: The Chinese don't even like him

China's official position on George Soros is that he's the "most evil person in the world" and a "global terrorist".

Blind squirrels and nuts, stopped clocks, etc.

Technically, the Chinese communists and George Soros are fellow travelers; they both follow the same religion and worship the same icons (socialism and Marx, respectively). It seems counterintuitive that they would be at odds, doesn't it?

But the simple fact is that both Soros and the communists are after the same thing--global domination--and there can be only one on the throne. Soros is trying, in China, the shit he has managed here in the US and elsewhere. The Chinese are, quite sensibly, trying to stop him from wrecking their system to suit his own ends. The world that both parties want is antithetical to freedom, but they differ on who'll be in charge once the dust settles. The Chinese communist party (CCP) wants it to be them; Soros wants it to be him and his cronies, the self-styled "elite". Further, the latter want to effect some kind of mass depopulation in the pursuit of some chimerical "sustainability" (and still further, because a smaller population will be more easily controlled) while the former don't seem to give a rip one way or the other as long as China is running the show.

In neither case does the entire rest of the world get a say in how things operate. Both of them need to be stopped.

* * *

Actually, I think China's in the process of stopping itself, because their economic model is unsustainable. Communism is incapable of creating wealth; it can only consume it. China's semi-fascist model enabled them to sidestep a lot of that, but since fascism is a form of socialism, it also cannot create wealth; the destruction of wealth is simply slower under fascism than under communism. China's version wasn't even fascism, but a weird form of crony capitalism, where people were allowed to get rich as long as they paid lip service to the CCP and made all the right lustrations and sacrifices at the altar of Mao.

But the problem there is that a select few became very rich, while the rest of the country stayed dirt poor. Mind you, this is the model for every leftist government ever--the commisars of the USSR never waited in line for toilet paper--but in China they took it to an extreme. Still, a rising tide lifts all the boats, which means people who move to cities make a lot more money than ever before. Wealth makes people restive, because when you earn ten dollars an hour but the government takes away eight of them--even if the remaining two dollars is more than you used to make in a week--that doesn't sit well. Especially considering what work conditions are like in China, even for their burgeoning "middle class".

ADDENDUM How China is clamping down on its richest serfs. END ADDENDUM

To make things even more entertaining, now--on the horizon--they're looking at a problem with feeding everyone. This has been looming ever closer, slowly getting worse, over the past five years at least and probably longer. Which begs the question: why do so many strange new diseases keep cropping up in China? There's one that is causing a huge problem for their pork industry. This is on top of the avian flu that was a huge problem for their poultry industry however long ago that was. (Not to mention the other various new diseases that affect humans.) A porcine virus that forces you to cull 2/3 of your national herd is no laughing matter, particularly when your cultural menu features so many pork dishes. (Put a pin in that one.)

CCP's answer to this is to clamp down, so they're moving away from their pseudo-fascism and back to full-bore communism. They can't feed everyone without the outside world's help--they couldn't before and still can't--so they know they have to tread carefully lest people stop selling them food, yet they have a unique opportunity to seize Taiwan and all its high-tech goodness and all the money they need to prop up communism for a few more decades. They have a very fine line to walk, here, and if they fuck it up, their proles are going to have to learn how to eat microchips.

The disease thing--by now it's pretty much an open secret that the Wuhan Flu was China's fault. China's government and our elites are complicit in pretending really hard to the contrary, but let's face the facts: it's an escaped experiment, probably an intermediate step towards some kind of bioweapon. So, what about the other ones? SARS, for example? The avian flu? The pig blight? Where did these diseases come from? We've seen that China's idea of "good enough" isn't even close in a lot of ways. Are these other diseases also escaped biological agents? You would think that one fuckup like that would be enough to put the fear of God into them, but apparently it's not, unless that's because no one found out about the other ones. They weren't bad enough to worry the rest of the world to the point of asking, "No, really--did you guys cook that up in a lab?" as they have with SARS-CoV-2.

But all this adds up to a single conclusion, I think. China's position is not as strong as they pretend it is, and a lot of sitting politicians have been bought off to the extent that they're not at all interested in pointing out how weak the Chinese position actually is.

Like all communist dictatorships they have a strong military. They have advanced weapons and nuclear warheads. They can make a lot of trouble for anyone they attack. If they decided to go to war against the United States, they could hurt us.

But then, who would feed them? Who would buy their products? How would they make up for the fact that every last yuan they'd invested in American bonds had just gone up in smoke? That last is not a trivial number, either, and it would probably wreck their economy.

China cannot go to war with the United States and eke out anything other than a pyrrhic victory, not as things stand now, and the war would have to be a short one because half their country would starve, even if everyone else in the world still played nice with China--and I have my doubts about that happening, because if China won a war against the United States, the damage to the US would be enough to hurt everyone else in the world.

* * *

That's actually good for us, by the way, considering the circumstances in this country since Jan 20th.

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