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#7816: I'll bet it's sold by tomorrow.

Saw a really nice Ford pickup, bright red, at a used car lot. Asking $15k. I know nothing else about it. It sure is bright red, though.

Today we had to do a drop-dead priority task: verify our inventories. I spent my morning on that. I ended up going to get lunch at 1:15, and that turned into a major clusterfuck.

Decided not to go home for lunch, but I'd duck out and grab something quick and get back to the office so I could continue the inventory.

Just I was I was about to pull out of the parking lot, the railroad crossing gates start coming down. I had to wait for a mile-long train, which was reducing its speed as it rolled past. Five minutes later the gates went up.

I wanted to go get a couple Whoppers for lunch. I buy two, put the meat and condiments from one on the other, discarding one bun in the process. When they're 2 for $5, it's cheaper than a double Whopper. BK was, however, not taking orders. All of two cars in the parking lot. There was a car sitting at the order kiosk in the drive-through when I pulled up; after sitting there for a few minutes I realized this is not going anywhere and went to Culver's.

Of course, in the drive through there, I was behind not one but two people who ordered half the menu, with every item requiring some modification. The first one would let the clerk read back the order, and then add something, so the clerk would read back the order again, and then she'd add something--

So, because the two cars in front of me ordered a total of about a hundred dollars' worth of food, I sat there waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

...with the result that I got back to the office thirty-five minutes after leaving it. *sigh*

Anyway I dove back in and got the inventory taken care of, and helped a user with a printer problem by remote control. Handled a few other things and got my tickets updated. A productive day.

I just can't get over that freaking lunch, is all.

Anyway--saw the truck on my way to the fast-food joint, and thought it might bear some looking, if it's still there later this week when I have time for that nonsense.

But of course, in these conditions? It'll sell, fast. See my next post, where I'm putting the politics!

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