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#7822: Evidently, nothing happened.

One arrest and it was an undercover agent who was arrested. "There were more police, reporters and undercover intelligence agents than protesters in Washington DC."

The first pic in this post--holy shit, if there was ever a group of men that just screamed WE ARE UNDERCOVER FBI, it's them.

Intrepid Reporter discusses the matter, with a side-dish of vaccine news. The Gangster Party really doesn't understand their opposition, at all.

Pixy Misa said, "The DC protest rally didn't happen because it glowed bright enough to be seen with the naked eye from the Oort Cloud."

I'm really glad that only "glowies" showed up for the thing. Well--and handful of the "spectrum adjacent", I suppose, but from here it really looks as if 99% of the attendees of the thing worked for the government in some capacity or another. As Big Country Expat (Intrepid Reporter) says, it indicates that "our side" is getting hep to the reality of 21st century American government.

Because there was a decided dearth of civilians at the thing, any false flag operation would have been bleeding obvious in its falsity, and so Potempkin Insurrection 2.0 did not happen.

Got to love it, but once again it proves that those guys think everyone to their right is a complete fucking moron. "Gee, they only arrested four hundred people for January 6! Let's go protest that, so we can get arrested and thrown into the gulag on bullshit charges!"

Naturally the democrat media complex (DMC) is crowing about how this means that support for Trump is waning, but that glowie rally was not about Trump, and everyone on the right knows it. If the DMC is going to come to that conclusion--which is, by the way, entirely erroneous--then let them. Their disconnect from red state reality is already extreme; a little more isn't going to hurt their position any worse than it already has been.

And believe me, their inability and unwillingness to consider that just maybe the right wing has some intellect behind it--that the right isn't a bunch of racist, intolerant, inbred hicks and hayseeds with a collective IQ in the single digits--is going to end up being a serious liability for them in the long run. That works to our advantage; the single worst thing you can do is to underestimate your opponent.

* * *

AHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I cannot make any comment that is better than the one there:
These girls are absolutely positive that they know to fix an air conditioner in a car and that these guys are just creepy, mansplaining, misogynists.
"My father's a mechanic!" Oh, really. Great. Drive the car over to him and stop being such a dumbass.

...trying to fix the air conditioning with jumper cables. *whimper*

* * *

Thinking about that--about the Dunning-Kruger effect, how incompetence never understands the depths of its own ignorance--it makes me wonder about people who know better than to muck with things they don't understand.

That's something that was drilled into me from an early age: "If you don't know what you're doing, don't touch it." Pretty simple rule, actually. It does require you to admit your own ignorance, though, a feat of which some people seem to be constitutionally incapable.

In the above case I think it's a kind of "cargo cult" mentality at work: the girl once saw her father jump-start a car, so she--for whatever reason--thinks you can fix any "failure to operate" problem on a car by connecting it to another car with jumper cables. She's too ignorant of machinery to understand the category error she's committing. Feminism renders her incapable of accepting help from a man, regardless of circumstance.

Myself, if I were in that circumstance and my offers of aid were so rudely rebuffed, I would just drive on and leave them to their fiasco. It was pretty obvious the women did not want help, and were insulted that men thought they needed help. You're not going to change their minds; and even if they accepted your help, once they understood why what they're doing is not only wrong, but egregiously stupid, they'd only end up feeling humiliated. No matter how gently you broke the news to them.

After departing the scene I might call the police (on the non-emergency line) and let them know that there is a group of silly women trying to fix an air conditioner with jumper cables, and please send someone over there to stop them before they electrocute someone or blow something up. Jeeze.

...and then, might not, because fools seem to be protected by Providence.

* * *

So, it's hot outside. 92 right now. I have no motivation at all.

The grass is looking shaggy but it's not growing much. It's supposed to be cooler tomorrow, so I'll probably cut grass after work if it's not too wet. Or Tuesday, if it is.

Looks like autumn weather comes into play on the autumnal equinox, too. Dry and cool, dewpoints under 55 and temps in mid-70s.

* * *

Need to get started on doc-mandated physical therapy for my back. He wants me to go 3x per week for the next month. Strengthen my back muscles so that I'm not straining them every time I bend over--and probably get some flexibility back in the bargain.

The place I wanted to use is apparently no longer in business. They are (or were) very close to the bunker and had evening hours (until 7) which meant I could go after work. Tried calling them and got "this number has been disconnected" message. Argh etc.

Next candidate is down the street from the plant, and they're open until 6, so I'm going to give them a call on Monday. Here's hoping. Something close either to work or home, and has evening hours, that's what I need, so I don't have to take a lot of time off from work.

But I've been thinking--almost from the start of this nonsense, this year--that PT was going to be what would resolve the issue for me. I've had this problem with my back for quite a while but it was never this bad before, and usually I could power through it. But now, doing that only makes me pay a heavy penalty the next time I need to move. So, get some PT to strengthen all the muscles, and I should be okay.

Such a stimulating life I lead.

* * *

Anyway, the bike's front tire is still not done, so I'll give them a call this coming Wednesday and enquire after it. If they have that serious of a backlog that they can't fix a flat tire in a week or so--I mean, I understood it taking a while when I had them bore and hone the cylinder for the dirt bike; that's not a quick and easy job, considering what it takes to set up the machinery to do the task and all. But removing a tire to patch an inner tube...well, I would have done it myself if my back allowed it (see above) since it really doesn't require any special tools.

By Wednesday it will have been twelve days since I dropped it off. FFS.

Maybe get my wife's bike plated and ride it. Though I don't fit it very well.

* * *

And we don't have a lot of calendar summer left. Tomorrow is the last full moon of summer, and Tuesday is the equinox. (Well, my calendar says Wednesday is, but close enough). Current rate of change for daylight: "hours of daylight tomorrow will be 2m 44s shorter". Maximum rate-of-change comes on the 22nd.

I used to have this big star chart map on my bedroom wall. One day I was looking at it, and I realized that the ecliptic--on that chart--was a sine wave. Much later, after taking calculus, I realized that the rate of change of the hours of daylight also varied as a sine wave. I probably would not have understood that without the calculus class, but because the Earth orbits the Sun, a graph of various things (like ecliptic or length of daylight) will be sine waves, and that--further--the rate of change of daylight hours would form a cosine, because the rate-of-change is near zero at the solstices (when the days are longest/shortest) and highest at the equinoxes (when days and nights are equally long).

I struggled with math when I was still in the socialized educational system. I struggled with it not because it was too difficult for me, but because it was too boring for me. In college I had enough self-discipline to grind through the boring shit and learn something useful, which is how I came to understand the relationship between Earth's orbit and the length of daylight and how it changed from season to season (and also to understand how the analemma is basically a plot of Earth's orbit).

* * *

Anyway, we're past the stupid fake protest and we can breathe a sigh of relief that nothing happened. I'm gonna play WoW now.

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