atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7825: It's man-made, all right

"No evidence" the Wuhan Flu evolved naturally.

And to add insult to injury, China tried to get the US to pay for weaponizing the damned thing. They literally asked DARPA for money to do it:
The bid was submitted by zoologist Peter Daszak of US-based EcoHealth Alliance, who was hoping to use genetic engineering to cobble "human-specific cleavage sites" onto bat Covid "which would make it easier for the virus to enter human cells"--a method which would coincidentally answer a longstanding question among the scientific community as to how SARS-CoV-2 evolved to become so infectious to humans.
So much for "product of Chinese bioweapon research" being a "conspiracy theory". Eh?

* * *

Had PT today, first session--mostly stretching and a few exercises. Therapist wants me to use heat on it when I'm at home, and also to exercise it. So I'll do that.

Going again tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

* * *

It got chilly today. Started out at 66 and now it's 59 and getting cooler; I ended up grabbing a hoodie when I came home for lunch. Just in time for autumn!

Went shopping after PT--wanted tacos for dinner--and saw a phenominal sunset. Grabbed my phone and tried to take a picture--phone quit. Plugged it into charger, phone reported 50% charge, took it off charger and tried again--quit again. Ended up putting it back on charger and having to take pics through the windshield, which probably attenuated the colors.

*sigh* Well, let's face it: the phone is four years old. Maybe time for a new battery...or a new phone.

* * *

New ticketing system went live today and no one really knows how to use it. We all had training but it's different when you're actually using it in a production environment, and by the time 3 PM came around I had that "swelling brain" sensation that tells me I'm at the last stop before "migraine" and gave up trying to get anything done. *sigh*

But I did get a couple of things done today, anyway.

* * *

So now it's after 8, I've been fed, and all I got from the intartubzorz was the stuff about Wuhan Flu being man-made, which we all basically knew was the case. So, I think I'll go play some WoW or something.

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