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#7826: The wheels are coming off

I don't think I'll link anything; I'm just gonna bloviate a bit about my impressions.

The Biden regime's vax mandate is not going to plan. I don't think. In New York, Burn Loot Murder are protesting the requirement that restaurants card everyone for vaccination status, because blacks are (understandably) skeptical of the government's insistence on this horseshit, considering that the federal government has a history of performing medical experiments on black people. It turns out that blacks are the A-number-one biggest group of "vaccine skeptics" (to borrow a term) and their vaccination rate is something like less than half the rate for white people.

So of course the big news is Haitian "refugees" at the US-Mexico border (how did they get there? Swim?) being rounded up by border patrol agents on horseback. Democrats trying to play the race card, to the point of claiming that what the border patrol agents are doing is worse than slavery. I have to wonder how much credence is given to that by the black population?

Meanwhile, the anti-mandate lawsuits are flying, and from corners you wouldn't expect, like federal union members (who do not work for the post office) who would like to make their own health decisions like the post office dicks get to. You know, or the congressional staff. Or the White House staff. Or the elected politicians. Or--

The so-called "delta" variant has peaked and is declining now. Big to-do about the vaccine side effects came out this week but it looks like the mainstream press ignored it, the same way they're desperately trying to ignore the massive anti-lockdown protests taking place in Australia.

The short form of that story is that the construction union members want to make their own health decisions, and said so clearly and distinctly...and so the government of once state/province of Australia declared that all construction sites were locked down, and work forbidden for two weeks. Thus demonstrating, by the way, that the lockdowns are punitive measures ("Have two weeks without pay to get your minds right!") rather than prophylactic ones. They're not about stopping the spread of the Wuhan Flu; they're about government flexing its muscles.

The Biden regime is talking about giving soldiers who refuse the vaccine a dishonorable discharge, thus making them approximate convicted felons as far as civilian life is concerned. That is not going to go over well in a lot of places.

And the news came out that yes, the "terrorists" that got droned at the tail end of the Biden Debacle were indeed an innocent civilian family, thus making the incident a war crime.

Overall, it's been eight months since Biden assumed the office into which he was "fortified", and it's been a massive one-star shit parade the entire time, an unending litany of incompetence and malfeasance. You can't really blame Joe Biden since his brain is approximately the consistency of moldy cottage cheese, but whoever is pulling the strings behind the scenes is also an absolute shit-for-brains. Everything this administration has done so far has been staggeringly incompetent.

And it's not getting better. Whoever is in charge, he's not "growing" into the position; in fact, he's getting worse.

This "dishonorable discharge" crap reeks of desperation, at least to me, because it seems clear to me that someone is grabbing the sides of his head and wailing, "Why isn't any of this working?"

To make matters even more entertaining? There's some rumblings out on the fringe that Marburg is going to be the next "plandemic."

Marburg is a filovirus, like Ebola, and it's a hemorrhagic fever that kills people dead in a pretty gruesome way. It's also rare, having killed less than four hundred people since it was first described in 1967, and 16 since 2005. Yet suddenly the medical industry is creating tests and vaccines and treatments for it.

Fringe is saying that could mean that the whole SARS-Cov-2 thing is going to be played out again with a virus that's actually dangerous. I don't see it. I mean, I do see the "powers that be" trying to run the exact same playbook a second time in a three- or four-year period, because they think we are just that fucking stupid; but since we're not, I don't see it working. Who's going to buy that story, that we get along just fine without any major pandemics arising, and then in a single five-year period--gee!--we have two? It beggars credulity.

...kind of like just about every other major development in the last eight months.

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