atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7827: I am losing my mind, one neuron at a time

They broke the ticketing system.

The people who are in charge of IT decided they could save $35 a month (I made that number up, but I know it's of the right order of magnitude) by switching to a new ticketing system. Well, it quite abruptly went live yesterday, and it's a mess. It is an unholy mess.

Today my boss, in team chat, said:
OMG no
Why is everything broken
...and I just about laughed my balls off. There may have been a tinge of hysteria in that laugh. I'm not sure.

Anyway, we're all doing our best to muddle through. They're actually planning to take the system off-line this weekend in order to fix...something...but I'm betting it won't make much actual difference.

So of course by about 3 PM today I--same as yesterday--got that "my head's about to explode" feeling. Most uncomfortable. I'm figuring that tomorrow is probably not going to be a lot better.


* * *

After mulling it over for a lot longer than was strictly necessary, I plunked down $9 for Carbon Based Lifeforms' Derelicts. Good album.

* * *

Physical therapy today was a lot more physical than yesterday's session. I got some good exercise from it. When I got home I felt a little sick, but that was probably hypoglycemia talking. Made a pot of epic chili (best batch I've made in a while) and had some for dinner. Delicious.

* * *

Try seventy-three container ships waiting to unload off the coast of California. Supply chain: broken.

* * *

No matter how bad she's polling, I'd bet money that the sitting governor of Michigan will win re-election because the "fortification" measures used in the 2020 election have not been curtailed.

* * *

This morning I broke down and turned on the heat.

It was 67 in the house when I got up. Forecast was "cloudy" so I didn't think we'd get much solar insolation during the day. Turned it to 70, let it warm up while I got ready for work; then before I left I turned it back down to 68, where it now sits.

They're saying temps will be above 80 this weekend, but the dewpoints are remaining down around 50-ish which means the nights will be chilly. This is the time of year when you play it by ear. I just want to be comfortable, you know?

* * *

Still no sign of front tire for bike, with prime riding weather at hand. That's a bit annoying. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I dropped it off.

* * *

Anyway, now I have to get the garbage handled, and then go to bed. One more day, and then a weekend, and I don't recall the last time I looked forward to a weekend this much.

Maybe last week.

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