atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7829: My Ridiculously Overwrought Teenage Drama Is Playing Out At Quadruple Speed

And, ironically enough, seemed very serious at the time.

I would have gone back to sleep had Smudge decided that daddy getting out of bed to hit the can meant play time, forcing me out of bed a second time to hose him down with the spray bottle. As a result of everything, the memories of the dream have become a bit muddled...but as you can probably guess from the title of the post, that was not a very large step to take.

It was like watching the highlight reel from a teenage drama series, where all the big moments were shown, only it was the life I was living in the dream.

The story went everywhere: having a crush on a popular girl, acquiring friends, one of them getting into a street fight, discovering that the popular girl was not "all that" and falling in love with a different one, some other things.

The only scene that really lasted more than a few seconds was the street fight. I'm still not sure how it started, exactly; apparently some guy was annoyed that my friend was walking behind him or something and got in his face, and the next thing I know, a riot starts, the rest of us standing well back from the melee as the guy's friends start bringing out their bows and arrows (what??) and people start dying. None of us got killed, though, and we were soon on our way again.

There was a scene where the girl I had a crush on walked past me, naked, and I was remarking to the new girl I liked that I found it amazing that only a little while before I would have been interested in that, or some guff. I don't know what that was about.

Much later there was a funeral for someone--I'm not sure who. It was one of the girls in the group, I think, or her boyfriend, but I don't really know because there was some other nonsense being injected into the story there.

Anyway, it was all pretty stupid, and it went by so fast it was a virtually nonsensical jumble.

* * *

As mentioned, I wouldn't be awake now were it not for the idiot cat. Although chasing him down with the squirt bottle was enough to convince him to go find something else to do, the damage was done; I was hungry and couldn't get back to sleep. So I made a PBJ and ate it while working on this post.

* * *

So yesterday the big news was that the Arizona election audit confirmed the number of votes and that the votes counted showed Biden won. I was puzzled by that; there had been all this run-up to the release of the report, and that wasn't anything like what I'd been led to expect.

Then it hit me: of course the number of votes was more-or-less correct. Of course it matched the recount. If all you're doing is recounting the votes-- But the audit was not done solely to check that number, though, but to check the validity of the votes that were counted.

So what happened is that the press was trying to spin all this as a non-story by saying, "Well, the audit confirmed that the votes that were cast in the election elected Joe Biden." Concentrating on the one specific facet of the story that is most advantageous to the democrat party, while ignoring a vast panoply of information that proves election fraud did indeed take place there.

Biden's margin of "victory" in Maricopa County was on the order of 10.5k votes--let's be generous and round up to 11k--but there were 9,041 more mail-in votes received than were actually sent out to voters. There were 1,551 excess in-person votes cast. 23,344 people sent mail-in votes from addresses at which they no longer lived. Something like 5,000 people voted in more than one county.

Those numbers alone leave us with close to forty thousand questionable votes, which is nearly four times Joe Biden's margin of "victory".

* * *

Well, it's Saturday morning. Orkin coming today for ant control, and the alarm is set for 9 AM, and it's now 8:15.

Damn cat.

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