atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7831: $100

I didn't even buy that much stuff at the grocery store, but spent $96 and change. I bought a few things for stock-on-hand, stuff I didn't need just yet, but that's rather a lot considering I went to the store for hot dogs and buns. And Pepsi. And....

1.28 lb of 85% lean ground beef: $5.89. *sigh*

But this inflation is temporary, right?

* * *

After the last post went up, I played some WoW for a while. Orkin guy came, did his thing, and left; a bit after noon, I ended up repairing to bed...and was there until after 5 PM.

I was thinking about a story and trying to get past the opening scene, and kept falling asleep. Seriously, I was getting as far as the opening exposition: who was in the scene, where it was happening, and what time it was taking place...and then I'd fall asleep. Upon waking, I'd start going through the whole opening bit again...and fall asleep. This happened several times.

* * *

Chili on Thursday, chili again on Friday...chili dogs tonight. Woohoo.

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