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#7833: 3.5 hours

After getting D2:R installed, I started playing, and I played until midnight, getting perhaps 40% of the way through the first chapter or world or whatever they call it. Sorceress, which is my usual go-to character, and did not do too badly. Looks like I still know how to play it.

The new graphics are, as advertised, gorgeous. But too dark: I had to turn all the lights off in the computer room, including my second monitor, in order to see anything. Setup instructions showed a logo and advised to adjust the gamma slider until it was barely visible, and I did that; I was soon going back to the options page and readjusting it since it was too dark, and with the new setting it is still too dark unless I turn off all the lights etc. Nice and atmospheric, but kind of annoying.

I am going to go back to the game a little later on, of course.

* * *

Another weird-ass dream--

You know how dreams work. When it starts, you already know the setting and the backstory--if any, if they're important--and so on.

This dream, I'm not sure if the setting was a dream I've had before, or if it was a new story, but it had been turned into a regressive time-travel story. So in the "original version" (OV) X happened and I did Y, but this time around when X happened I--knowing what the outcome would be if I did Y--instead did Z or AA or whatever. So then there was a scene where I went to a specific place expecting it to look a certain way, but it was completely different, and I realized, Oh, yeah--I didn't do that, so of course this is how it is and moved on.

The most interesting part was me going to this one location and looking around. As I walked there, I was thinking, So, when I get there, it'll look like XYZ. When I got there, it actually looked like XYZ, and I was totally blown away by that, because I hadn't expected it actually to look like XYZ, because having it look like XYZ meant that I was in a different world from the one I was used to.

(I use letters rather than descriptions because the locations and views are not really relevant--they could be anywhere or anything--and it would just slow this down and make it more boring, and nothing's more boring than hearing about someone else's dreams. But I'm in charge here, so you can skip this if you're bored. I don't mind.)

The story itself was really a jumbled mess, though, happening out of order and consisting mainly of how everything was different after my choices altered the history. Not so much a story, then, so much as a condition. But that weird "I've done all this before and remember it clearly, so let's try something different" bit is what I found so interesting about it.

* * *

Anyway, it's Sunday afternoon, and it's earlier than I expected it to be.

I was up for a little while earlier this morning, grabbed a sando and a Pepsi, and read everything I normally read; then I went back to bed. I thought I slept for a long time and expected it to be after 3, or even 4, when I got up, but was surprised to see that it was only 1.

I'd gotten up expecting to repair to the kitchen and make dinner. Now I have some time for fun stuff.

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