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#7834: Why is the map entirely different??

Went back to yesterday's game and found that the map was completely different. Turns out you need to play the thing in off-line mode if you don't want the maps to completely reset.

The monsters all respawn in off-line mode but at least the maps stay the same.

Anyway, I started a new sorceress and got her farther along than my first (on-line) character was. So that's nice.

Around that, I got dinner cooked and eaten. Meatloaf, salad, corn-on-the-cob, and mashed potatoes. Mrs. Fungus specifically asked to have meatloaf this weekend, and I delivered.

* * *

It was a warm day but it's cooled off--the dewpoint's not supposed to go much over 60 for the entire week--so I opened the house up and started ventilating with outside air. It'll get nicely cool in here before bedtime.

Still, I didn't get anything done this weekend. I had intended to cut the grass, but that didn't happen, so I'll have to do it in stages this week. Tomorrow, the front yard (after PT).


* * *

This past Friday was 2 weeks since I dropped off the bike's front wheel. I called them on the 8th; I will be calling them again on the 28th, and if I get any guff about how they'll call me when it's done and I don't need to check on it, I'll tell them, "It's been 20 days since I last called."

I didn't ask them to rebuild an engine; I asked them to fix a flat tire, FFS. I don't mind it taking a bit of time, but it shouldn't take three and a half fricking weeks.

* * *

Anyway, this is the last Sunday of September 2021. Friday is October. Can you dig it.

Two years ago, at this time, I was in Houston, TX, in a hotel room, putting the finishing touches on a blog post.

* * *

I bought some flowers for Mrs. Fungus, because once in a while I just buy her flowers for no reason; and of course Smudge finds flowers utterly irresistable and cannot be dissuaded from getting at them. I'm not sure what else we can try.

* * *

Saturday was pretty much a loss, anyway. All I did was sleep.

* * *

I took the leftover chili, put it into a bucket, and put the bucket into the freezer. We'll have that someday.

* * *

So, I saw a video about how to make a 240v socket using two extension cords.

Basically you take a 240v socket, put it into a junction box, and have two 120v cords coming out of it. The "hot" from each cord goes to one of the prongs in the 240v socket, and then their grounds go to the ground lug. The "common" wires in the 120v cords are not used.

Anyway, then you plug each cord into a socket that is on one of the two phases that serve your house. You have to make sure that they're both plugged into different phases or it won't work, but as long as you do that there is absolutely no difference between the 240v in that socket and the 240v you'd get by running a new line from the breaker box. Interestingly enough, the 240v circuit breakers are typically just two 120v circuit breakers ganged together, so it's even electrically similar in that respect.

So I could make, in theory, a 240v hookup for the garage without having to run a 240v line from the breaker box.

...but why do I need 240v when I have no 240v devices? My welder is 110v, and my ideas about powder coating small parts has fallen by the wayside, so I won't need to run an oven. I don't expect to buy a big compressor anytime soon, either.

Oh well.

* * *

It does look as if the nice weather will continue: warm during the day, cool during the evening, all pretty pleasant and not too hot or cold. Beautiful weather.

Which is good, because I still need to cut the f-ing grass....

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