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#7837: Forget it. They're going to raise the debt ceiling.

My sentiments, exactly.

We've seen this play before and it is 100% political theater. None of it is real and none of it matters.

So, if you're a democrat and you're seething with hatred for Mitch McConnell, don't get your knickers in a twist over it. He is on YOUR side. Very soon, the usual left-wing republican stalwarts like Romney and his ilk will drop their pants, turn their backsides to the democrats, and say, "Oooh, please don't rape my ass too hard!" while quivering with delight at the prospect.

The republican establishment thinks they'll get votes this way. They're delusional, of course, because no matter how hard they (pretend to) fight, if they give in to the democrats, they're not doing what their voters sent them to DC to do.

I've said it too many times already: this is how you got Trump, you stupid motherfuckers.

This is all nothing but bullshit for the public:
House progressives have banded together to nuke the $550 billion bipartisan infrastructure package passed by the Senate in August, unless Speaker Nancy Pelosi links it to the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better act--which party moderates including Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) will tank in the Senate unless it's significantly smaller and has legitimate budgetary mechanisms to pay for it that doesn't just include a beefed-up IRS collecting deadbeat taxes.
Do you really think that democrat senators will vote to stop a "bipartisan" spending bill?

Then there's this bit about the debt limit:
On Tuesday, Republicans shut down a bid by Schumer to hold a vote to suspend the debt limit with a 51-vote threshold, to which Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) objected - saying that Democrats can do it by themselves.
Do you really think that the republicans in the senate will refuse to vote for a debt ceiling increase? All it takes is one defection--just one--and the democrats get their debt ceiling modification. There will be no consequences for the traitor; and the republicans will go back to their voters and say, "Well, we tried, but we just don't have the votes," the same way they have done every time for the past twenty years.

The republicans love to claim they're standing on principle, but it's become manifest that they don't have any.

So the headline of that piece is "Chaos On The Hill: Progressives Threaten To Nuke Infrastructure Deal, Schumer Blows Gasket Over Reconciliation, McConnell Smug", but it's nothing but bullshit. The self-styled "progressives" (read: communists) won't nuke the spending deal, and Cuck Schemer's blown gasket is mere bluster for the proles. Once McConnel has his period of looking like a tough negotiator, the barriers magically disappear and the whole tangled mess goes forward.

Right up our asses.

* * *

The people who talk about the vaccines being mind-control stuff--I don't see it.

Granted, as an average citizen, I'm not privy to the exotic technologies that our self-styled betters may have at their disposal, so I go with the absolute best information I have to hand.

I assume that there is no "UFO alien" technology, because it's really hard to keep UFOs quiet when just about everyone is carrying an HD video camera in his back pocket. In the same world where the Soviet Union was stealing atomic secrets right out of the Manhattan Project-- Point being, it's just not the way to bet. assuming that these assholes are working with the absolute limit for state-of-the-art, what can they do?

They can put a blob of RNA into your cells. They can encapsulate it in nanoparticles with a dose of reverse transcriptase so the RNA gets written back into your genome. But controlling your mind is right out.

The thing is--putting on my "sheer science" hat for a minute--the human brain is an extraordinarily complex chemical machine. The best technology we have right now hits the brain chemistry with a cannonball by flooding synapses with neurotransmitters, or chemicals that modulate or inhibit their emission or uptake. These work very well for broad symptoms (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia) but there isn't a way to make a "always vote democrat" pill, for example, or a "sit there and take it, slave" pill.

The best you can hope for is to dope some poor schmuck to the gills. But if you want a docile slave, he's not going to be designing microcircuitry or performing brain surgery. You'll be lucky if you can get him to dig ditches reliably.

The idea that the vaccines are full of nanomachines--that's all well and good, but how the hell do you program them to do what they need to do, in order to control someone's mind? Can you pinpoint the exact neuron that needs to get a little jolt in order to keep that guy in line? I have my doubts. I suspect that it would be different for every person, and neurologists have wet dreams about getting a millionth of that kind of resolution from a functional MRI machine.

Even assuming that you know where a person's "obey" ganglion is in his brain, getting the nanomachines to the right place is a nightmarish task. Can you program a nanomachine to navigate from the shoulder to the "obedience" nexus of the human brain, when that nexus can't be pinpointed closer than an inch or so? Without that nanomachine being damaged or destroyed by the immune system?

And for that matter, how do you power those things? Do they run on glucose?

No, it doesn't work, not even if you take our current technology and add a fifty-year bonus to it. There's a good chance that nanobots are thermodynamically impossible, except for very limited applications, and we sure as hell don't have the technology to make the kind of nanobots that could be used for mind control.

* * *

I had some right and some maybes that turned out right. I have not seen most of the movies, which doesn't help.

--movie posters generated by an AI algorithm, given a brief description of the movie.

* * *

Believe me, American comics are no longer selling because they're woke bullshit and not entertaining. That's all there is to it.

* * *

Hospitals cannot function without staff. That's the long and short of it.

* * *

This was a nice story.

* * *

I'm pretty glad there was no PT today. But I have it tomorrow and Thursday.

Monday's session was rough on my stomach muscles. I know, I know--if it doesn't hurt, it's not working.


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