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#7845: The usual democrat lies and obfuscation

So, the democrats really want to raise the debt limit.

The thing is, there's no point to having a debt limit if we raise it every time we get close to it, you know? Why even bother with it? I mean, every time we run the credit card up, we unilaterally declare that that limit was too low and we need to raise it, and so it goes up, up, up, every time.

To make matters even more entertaining, the democrats in the legislature have the votes to raise it. I'm serious: the republicans literally cannot stop them, even if they wanted to. (They really don't, but that's a discussion for another time.) Even if the republican party were actually the party of fiscal discipline, they could not stop the democrats from raising the debt limit. The democrats are beholden to no one on this issue and can do what they want.

However, when you look at news stories about this, it's all democrats crying over the fact that the republicans won't help them raise the debt limit. They talk about how important it is that we not default on our debts, that the limit be raised, and then they blame the republicans for standing in the way. The republicans won't help, goes the plaint, and if they dont, we're all doomed.

The thing is, the democrats don't want to be the only ones voting to raise the debt limit. They desperately want and need republicans covering them, because they know that there is an election coming up--and the last thing they want to do is to have to cheat wholesale to keep control of congress, the way they had to cheat in 2020 to seize the White House. They do not want to have to resort to stopping the counts and manufacturing ballots by the pallet. It's hard to cover that shit up; as the audit in Arizona has demonstrated, despite the AZ democrats' best efforts, there's still enough of a paper trail to show that there were some fifty thousand questionable votes cast in a state with a ten thousand vote margin of victory, which throws the whole state election into doubt. The "fortification" of the 2022 elections will have to be airtight so they can't get audited.

...and if they vote to raise the debt limit, the impending economic shitstorm is going to fall right in their laps. They think that making it a "bipartisan" vote will shield them from the consequences. It won't, but Mitch McConnell is very wisely telling the democrats just to vote it in their own bad selves, because they have the votes to do it.

* * *

Quote of the day: "All communist theory is dry until it is put into practice and there is an endless geyser of blood."

* * *

So, a medical corporation in NY fired 1,400 the middle of a pandemic.

Think about that.

* * *

A trucking company in Texas is paying owner/operators $14,000 per week to haul loads. That is how bad the logistics situation is in this country.

Guys: I can drive a truck with GVWR of 26,000 lbs. I could haul some loads for you--not semi-sized, but big. Maybe pay me $10,000 per week? Or even $8,000?

* * *

So I guess the Ford Maverick has been released or something, because I read three reviews of the thing today.

Anyway it's a nice thing to see someone making an inexpensive vehicle. The base model starts a hair under $20k, and that model is already nicely equipped. It's the hybrid model, to boot, and it gets 40 MPG.

Yes, a hybrid under $20k. What a concept.

...but even if it's nicely equipped, it stays under $26k. You can get 4WD and a turbocharged engine in the thing. A towing package doubles the towing capacity.

It's sorely tempting, I've got to say. I'd still want 4WD, though.

* * *

Dinner tonight: grilled ham and cheese. I put dijon on mine: ham and habanero jack, ham and gouda. Mrs. Fungus wanted ham and cheddar, and just one, so that's what she got. I may have put a touch too much dijon on mine, but that's all right.

* * *

So, Windows 11 was released today. Whoopee!!! -_-

* * *

PT this evening, after work; it was extra-difficult this time, I think because now I don't go again until Thursday. But I do the exercises and put up with the "burn" because I want this to succeed, so my f-ing back stops hurting....

* * *

Last night we watched Tremors and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward had such good chemistry in that movie.

* * *

When I read something like that it makes me wonder if I don't actually have some form of ADHD. FFS.

These, specifically:

Those things have happened to me a lot.

* * *

Anyway, got through Tuesday. That leaves three days in the workweek.

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