atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7853: Oh man, I hate drum brakes

But I got it done.

I hied meself out to the driveway and tore apart the passenger side, and saw why they were sticking and going "clunk". Which is to say, there was no one obvious reason except for the fact that the retaining hardware was shot.

Disassembly went very easily. From watching a YotsuTub video, by a guy who finds abandoned cars and brings them to life and tries to drive them home, I learned that the easiest damned way to get drum springs off is to lock onto them with vise grips and then you just muscle 'em off. And it works for getting them on, too, and that was the easiest damned time I ever had with the main return springs for drum brakes on any car, ever, in my life.

Went to the cabinet for the new shoes--oh, these are old shoes for the Toyota; I guess I need to go get shoes after all. No problem.

Got to the store, told the lady what I needed: "I need a set of rear brake shoes for a 2000 Cherokee, with 9-inch brakes." She tapped away at the computer and then asked, "Is it the 2.5 inch or the 2.51 inch?"

Me: "I have owned this truck for fourteen years and this has never been an issue before! It's a hundredth of an inch--give me the smaller ones."

"Well, they might be different--the mounting holes, or...."

So I, now pissed off, went home and got the freaking brake shoes that I'd taken off the truck, and drove back to the parts store. I made her take both sets out of their boxes so I could compare them to the shoes I had, and guess what the difference was between them?

NOT A FUCKING THING. Other, I suppose, than 0.01", but I'm skeptical about that, too. I should have brought my calipers with me and checked.

Anyway, got home and dove back in. Getting the new retaining springs and retainers in place was a ROYAL PAIN IN THE ASS and I had to do the passenger side a couple of times to get everything put back together right. But once it was done, and everything was right, I was able to put the drum back on, and that side was done.

The driver's side took a fraction of the time, because now I wasn't learning how to do these brakes. I mean, FFS, when was the last time I even looked at these brakes? February of 2017, that's the last time I had the brake drums off. So when I did the right side, I was re-learning how to do Jeep rear brakes.

I had the same problems with the retainers, of course, but after that the driver's side went together zip zip zip and I was able to button everything up.

Torqued wheels to spec, took a quick trip down the block and back--can't feel any difference, but the clunk is gone. Probably give her a few days to bed in and they'll feel fine.

I figure that if these rear shoes last only half as long as the previous set did, I am never doing rear brakes on this Jeep ever again. Half of a hundred and seventeen is fifty-eight thousand, and I've been averaging about 10k per year, and in six years if I don't do anything this Jeep will be a pile of rust that will still start and drive reliably, but there won't be anywhere for the driver to sit....

The next job I need to do is to flush the heater core. I will probably replace the heater hoses at the same time. That can wait a week or two.

* * *

The nice thing is, my back hurts a little bit. Not nearly as much as it would have before the physical therapy. Mainly I feel stiff, though, which is a lot better than hurting like crazy and leaving me unable to stand up straight.

I am, of course, covered in grime. Drum brakes in particular make you really dirty when you try to service them. So I'm going to have to get a shower before bed.


* * *

What I did not get done was to put the motorcycle back together. Having had a drink and relaxed a little, though, I actually feel as if I could go back out to the garage and do that...but I don't think I will. Why push my luck? I'll try to get the grass cut tomorrow, if it's not raining, and if I'm feeling plucky I can reassemble the bike after that. And if it is raining, then put the bike together. What the hey.

* * *

Weird thing: the weather report on Friday had a "special weather bulletin" tag, so I looked at it, and it said that there was the potential for "skinny funnel clouds".

That is something I have never heard of, ever. I've lived in the midwest my entire life, and when I was in grade school I briefly got into studying meteorology, and I have never, never ever heard of "skinny funnel clouds".

Apparently these are funnel clouds which form and almost never get closer than 200 feet to the ground, except for extremely rare occasions. They're not really dangerous. But this is the first time I've ever heard of them (not to put too fine a point on it).

* * *

Anyway, I need to go see about a pizza for dinner, and before I can go pick up a pizza I need to get that shower. Off I go.

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