October 9th, 2006

#162: Lowrider

I spent a beautiful October Sunday working on finalizing the Escort disassembly. With the addition of $50 worth of junk rims and tires, it looks like a lowrider in the making.

The thing looks so wrong. As mentioned in a prior entry I removed the rear strut assemblies, which is why the rear end is basically on the ground. The front end, with the drivetrain removed, is almost totally unloaded, which is why it's so high in the air.

If I stand by the rear of the car, it barely makes it to mid-chest on me. It's that low.

I think I have a few more parts I want to remove before I call the junk man, though. The rear hatch will stay, I think, and I want to get the parking brake cables. The parking brake doesn't work on the red car, and I don't want to have to buy new cables when I've got a set just waiting to be removed....

I also pulled the exhaust system from the green car. The flex coupling on the red car was broken, and I replaced it with a cheap piece of flexible piping which is nowhere near an exact replacement. The muffler on the green car had rusted through in a couple places, so I removed the muffler and set it out by the curb. I am hoping to use the rest of the exhaust system in the red car, maybe with a Magnaflow catalytic convertor and muffler.

I stripped a few bits a pieces from the green car; I took the instrument cluster and bezel, since the bezel has the defroster switch which--in the red car--is broken. I took the AC/heater control panel; in the red car, the temperature control is broken. It works, but not correctly, and I hope to fix that with parts from the green car's panel...which is also broken, but--hopefully--in a different way. The car lives up to its name, "Chimera", again.

I took all the rear reflectors and the taillights.

There is little left to do now, but call the junk man and have old Ryo-chan hauled away. *sigh*

#163: Sung to the tune of....

The scansion may be a bit rocky, but I've been noodling with this idea for a couple of weeks and finally got around to trying to write some of it down.

(sung to the tune of Green Day's "American Idiot")

verse 1:
Wanna be a millionaire socialist
Don't wanna be taxed like an industrialist
I make millions singing songs and playing stuff
Don't want that money taken for social fluff

Welcome to a new life of luxury
complain about the inequal society
You're rich and famous so that makes it okay
Salve your conscience as your net worth waxes
everyone should pay ever-greater taxes
Except for you, of course.

verse 2:
I'm from England I came to America
So I could keep much more of my moolah
Insult the people who buy all my CDs
Morons flock to my concerts and be groupies


Verse 3:
That is me, yes I am a hypocrite.
I'm super rich and I don't give a whit
I'll never give up my social conscience
Even though it's complete and utter nonsense.


* * *

I hope they see this and get ROYALLY PISSED OFF. But they probably won't.