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#7856: Ah, so now they have produced a scapegoat.

Boeing, I mean: Former chief technical pilot for Boeing 737 MAX project has been indicted. Boeing is throwing him under the bus so that none of their executives will have to be arrested or put on trial.
As Boeing's 737 MAX Chief Technical Pilot, Forkner led the 737 MAX Flight Technical Team and was responsible for providing the FAA AEG with true, accurate, and complete information about differences between the 737 MAX and the 737 NG for the FAA AEG's evaluation, preparation, and publication of the 737 MAX FSB Report.
Doubtless the suits at Boeing will insist that this guy was acting alone and thought up the scheme entirely on his own.


* * *

Sarah Hoyt does it again and produces a blog post explaining just how the left is screwing up their push for totalitarianism in the US.
...[M]ost people who aren't political animals (Party like it's 1776, yo) are still waiting for the elections to fix everything. Hell, I've seen people who are political animals waiting for it. And the left is lying to itself very hard and half believes their wins are legitimate. (AH!)

And: IF there is a rebellion and the news doesn't report it, would you know about it?

Hell, the world has been in more or less open rebellion for 5 years, and our news sits on it, like it's their favorite thumb. And most people don't see it, except for things like Brexit, or Trump's election. Ask them about German farmers driving their tractors to city hall and they'll look at you like you’re nuts. ...

This week, between stomach flu and paint fumes, I got a text from Bill Reader: "Is 'labor shortage' 'let's go Brandon' for 'Going Galt'"?

Eh. Sort of. It's.... complicated. Part of it is demographic. Part of it is the cash influx of running blue state refugees. ...

Second, a lot of women discovered through the covidiocy that they like staying home. They like their kids. A lot of men discovered the gig economy. There will be fewer payrolls, we'll just say that. And contrary to statist dreams, no we're not at the singularity where robots do all the work.

They need everyone working and paying taxes. EVERYONE. Even then their system doesn't work, but it fails SLOWER.

Third, yeah, we can see it coming. They want all our money. Why should we work for them?

This is something the left doesn't get.
The emphasis is mine. Bear in mind that the mainstream media is claiming that the Southwest fiasco was due to weather. (Huh--that last sentence was going to be a link to an Arse Technica article about "weather" being the cause, but oddly enough I can't seem to find it. Now, why would that be?)

And in that same vein, we have this: Entire crew walked out when they were told to get the jab or be fired. Watch the video. Guy swears like a sailor but I think it's justified.

Saw an ad on TV tonight, while visiting a sick relative, imploring people to get the jab. "We're your doctors! Trust us!" ...and then a whole bunch of claims that the vax won't hurt you and it'll protect you from getting the Coof. They say, "Trust us!" so many times it triggers my anti-scam defenses.

The media is lying to us. Did you see that story about Katie Couric editing out Ruth Bader Ginsburg's stated opinion on asshole athletes who kneel for the national anthem? Ginsburg's opinion of that is pretty close to mine: you're a total ingrate if you refuse to stand for the national anthem of the country that made it possible for you to get rich playing a fucking kids' game.

* * *

Speaking of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I had a honey of a nightmare last night: I dreamed that I woke up and went to the kitchen for a snack. I was wandering around the house wondering if I was actually awake, but when I tried to turn the lights on, they only came on at half brightness. No matter what light I tried--so it was very dimly lit in the house. That was scary enough, so I decided to go back to bed before I started screaming and woke up my wife. I got halfway down the hall, then turned back for some reason. The family room was cluttered with a bunch of stuff, and in the dim light it was hard to see, but it looked like someone was standing in the middle of it.

Got closer and looked, still couldn't really tell if it was a person or just some of the junk, so I got even closer and saw that it was--yeah. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Zombie Ruth Bader Ginsburg, that is, standing there in a hospital gown, with greyish-green skin and dead-fish eyes. She didn't really move much but zombie in the family room freaked me right the hell out and I woke up.


Also, I have an intense dislike for the fact that I am having those dreams again, where I'm wandering around the house at night and every light I turn on either doesn't work or burns out.

...dream further confused by the fact that I did get up in the middle of the night, to have a sandwich. Not sure if it was before or after this dream, though.

* * *

So, the propaganda in entertainment has become ham-fisted.

Couple of months ago the wife had an episode of The Simpsons on, and the segment I saw was very thinly-disguised socialized medicine propaganda. Something happened to Lisa in Canada and of course all her medical care was free, FREE, FREE!

While at my sick relative's house the other night, an ep of Blackish came on, and it was 100% bullshit about how racist police kill black people. I mean, they literally claimed that "thousands" of black people were murdered by police. One of the younger characters kept oozing admiration for Ta Nahisi Coates (or however you spell the jerk's name) and of course any time someone tried to speak up in the name of moderation and reason he was shouted down with more bullshit. I'm not kidding; the crap they spouted in the first five minutes was so far divorced from reality, I can't even refer to it as "statistics" because usually statistics at least resemble the real world.

My blood pressure probably went up a good ten, fifteen points just sitting there and listening to it.

The TV was showing a fictional riot over the police shooting an "unarmed black man" who was of course "totally innocent", and they just shot him because he was black. Strangely, no one mentioned that the real-world riots happened because a multiple felon was shot while resisting arrest, or a different multiple felon died of a self-administered fentanyl overdose.

There was something about the dead goblin driving excessively fast with a gun in the car's trunk, and Laurence Fishburne's character said something about how he drove at 80 MPH with a gun in his trunk all the time. Show is set in California; remind me about the gun laws there? So the fact that you drive like a shithead with an illegally-possessed firearm in your car exonerates the dead goblin? Sounds to me as if you should be in jail, too.

Gee, and then you wonder why shit happens?

I have to remember, though, that the show was written by rich west coast leftists whose only contact with police comes when they get pulled over for driving like complete shitheads.

* * *

Another funny bit: relative was watching M*A*S*H* and I literally watched the first fifteen seconds and knew which episode it was. (The one where the gas heater in the nurses' tent blows up in Hawkeye's face and leaves him blind for a few days.)

...tonight it came on and I didn't recognize it, but it was "written by Alan Alda" and "directed by Alan Alda" and it was a stinkeroo, all right.

The same channel that shows that runs Happy Days right before, and they're running the post-shark episodes. And yeah, they're awful.

* * *

Anyway, got the news yesterday that when the time comes, I'll be moving office to the far offsite, rather than the near one. It means a longer commute at higher speeds, and no more coming home for lunch; and it's going to happen before the end of this year. *sigh*

Well, that's how things go, sometimes.

* * *

There will be, apparently, a second season of Squid Game. The main character did not get any smarter, which is not a spoiler given that there's going to be a second season.

Plus side, it'll be a while before I have to put up with his stupidity.

* * *

By the way, just guess why there's such a container backlog in CA.

If you guessed "government overregulation", you're right!

...any truck made before 2010 is verboten because they don't have the "clean idle" technology mandated by the state government. So, fewer trucks, fewer loads moving, bottleneck. THANKS ASSHOLES.

* * *

Even taking the deflation into account, it's $233 billion per year added to the world economy. At last, someone figuring the riches of outer space and realizing that, gee, exploiting a four billion ton mass of nearly-pure iron would cause the price of iron to decline just a bit....

* * *

Hard to believe it, but tomorrow is the 15th...the dreaded "ides of October".

The low-lights are 22 years ago, in 1999: appendectomy, and 20 years ago, in 2001: lost tech writing job.


* * *

Anyway, it's Thursday night. Tomorrow is Friday. Saturday is Sweetest Day, and this year's request is "no flowers" (because Smudge will just eat them and make a mess) but chicken enchiladas and banana pudding, so I've got my work cut out for me.

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