May 6th, 2007

#392: Wheee.

Hana Yori Dango live-action is a keeper.

(Before we go any farther I am going to say now that I vastly prefer the fansub community's translation of the title as Boys Before Flowers rather than the Viz Communications screwup translation of Boys Over Flowers, which sounds like crap. Since the title is a pun anyway, the translation need not be literal in any event.)

I wondered why the episodes were 500+ MB each. Then I found that each of them is 46 minutes long--hour-format when you include commericials.

One minor complaint is that the guy who plays Tsukasa Domyouji--Jun Matsumoto--plays the role like a cracked-out J-punk. The crack-ness ebbs away over the course of the first episode, but since I've only seen the first of the 9-episode series, I don't know if the crack-ness continues, or what.

Emily's HYD page for actor pics and miscellanious information. I like Mao Inoue, who plays Tsukushi--and they cast Shizuka Toudo perfectly because man, she is hot.

The manga series was thirty-six volumes long (O_O) and the anime series was 51 episodes.

Anyway, the live-action series is very well-done. From the standpoint of the original manga, and the anime, it's an incredible mishmash--they got rid of one character entirely, and completely scrambled many of the plot elements--but they stayed true to the original feel of the series and faithful to the concept.

I knew who everyone was by sight--the casting was that good--and when Domyouji's mother smiled at her chef, I knew what it meant. (Her next words: "You need not report for work tomorrow." She is the most frightening woman in all of anime.)

* * *

I also saw the Ichigo 100% "special" this morning. It's set two or three episodes before the end of the TV series, when Junpei is starting his junior year of high school, and it focused entirely on a little to-do he had with his childhood female friend Yui. (The one who occasionally sleeps in his bed and undresses herself in her sleep. Ya-hoo.)

* * *

In O!MG!, Mara has turned up. It took me a little bit to remember what was going on--I haven't read the O!MG! manga for ages--but I was treated to a really fun episode today.

The only flaw was the translators got Mara's name wrong: they romanized the Japanese spelling of her name, incorrectly:

"Marller"? WTF is that shit? Were they incapable of doing a freaking Google search for the character names?

Mara never appeared in the OVAs; here they cast the perfect voice for her. I liked it.