May 20th, 2007

#409: Kinoo wa tanjoubi datta. 40th birthday.

I didn't write anything about it because I was too busy celebrating by working on my car, eating cow flesh, and sleeping it off.

The Escort has needed rear stabilizer end links for a couple of months. I replaced them, and was pleased at the improvement in handling that could be bought for $10 and an hour's work. It might have been less, but 12 years of Chicago weather was not kind to the OE links, and my compressor doesn't have enough guts to run my cutoff tool long enough to saw all the way through Grade 8 fasteners. Besides, I'd never replaced them before, so I had to learn how to put them in when the holes don't line up. (Had to compress the suspension with the floor jack. That lined 'em up.)

The expected lifespan of that car took a precipitous drop after I found an area of significant rust on the rocker panel just ahead of the right rear wheel. Oh well. Guess I'd better start saving for a down payment on another car....

My brother and his family took me (and Mom) out to dinner. We went to Outback. It was fun and delicious. When I would go to Outback in Cedar Rapids, I would have leftovers; this time I didn't. I'm not sure what that means. The steak was a slice of heaven, as always; and when I got home I basically hit the hay like a laser-guided bomb. Ah, the bliss of the beef hangover.

I finally had a slice of my birthday cake at about 3 AM.

* * *

Today, then, via pdb, I was led to ColtCCO, which led me to the Urban Dictionary definition of "sorostitutes".

The interesting thing about that word is what I thought it meant, on first reading.

Never having had much contact with slutty sorority girls--and I'm unable to decide whether that is good or bad--my first thought was a play on the words "prostitute" and "Soros", as in "George Soros", the left-wing capitalist billionaire socialist who attempted to buy the 2000 and 2004 elections for the Democrat party. So I thought, "Yeah, that's great! 'Sorostitutes: see also'! Bwaaa ha ha ha ha ha!"

Oh well.