May 30th, 2007

#419: More Liberal Hypocrisy

Steven Den Beste posts here about a post he did on MetaFilter.

The basic story is about a young Iraqi woman who was forced into prostitution by her family after they fled Iraq. The basic drift of the libs is "It's America's fault she has to do this!"

SDB, as usual, tried to inject a little bit of common sense into the fray. But like all humans his patience is finite and the commie-libs did a little victory dance, thinking that mobbing a single person with bullshit until he gets tired of shouting at the wind somehow proves them right.

The same people who are very quick to judge Christian fundamentalists apparently don't have anything against Islamic fundamentalists, who make Christian fundies look like Hugh Hefner. Shall I count the ways?

1) If you are a woman, you must cover everything but your eyes. Failure to do so is death.
2) If you are a woman, don't get raped. If you get raped, your family will kill you.
3) If you are a woman, don't commit adultery. The government will kill you. (The man will get scolded by an imam.)
4) If you are a woman, don't have premarital sex. Your family will kill you. (The man will get scolded by an imam.)
5) If you are a woman, don't be a prostitute. You will die for it.
6) If you are a woman, never do anything else which is illegal, immoral, or fattening. You will die for it.

I'm pretty certain that most Christian fundamentalists only have rules like these:

1) Don't gamble; it's a sin.
2) Don't have extramarital sex; it's a sin.
3) Don't drink too much or do drugs; it's a sin.
4) Don't watch most movies; they're Satanic, especially the ones with magic.
5) Don't listen to hard rock; it's Satanic.
6) Don't play those Dungeon and Dragon games.
7) Homosexuality is a sin against God.
8) Abortion is murder.
...but if you do any of those things, just accept Jesus as your personal savior and you'll be forgiven, so why don't you come down to the church this Sunday?

It's true there are Christian fundies who are utterly off their rockers, but the vast majority of Christian fundies do not advocate killing women because they were raped. Mostly, Christian fundies just want to keep people from going to Hell. You cannot say the same thing about Muslim fundamentalists from countries under Sha'ria.

The "Blame America First" crowd never seems to get that point. Under Muslim religious law, women are practically slaves. And the "Blame America First" crowd contains all the people who claim a monopsony on feminism!

So: it was perfectly fine for this woman to live under Sha'ria. But when she fled Iraq and ended up having to be a prostitute, well, we're going to lay that one right on the desk of George W. Bush!

I am not even going to deal with the liberal shibboleth of "there were no WMDs" and its nonsensical subtext of "Bush Lied, People Died". (The fact that the left doesn't understand the definition of "lie" as in "falsehood", however, explains a lot. Clinton, for one.) Nor am I going to deal with the liberal shibboleth of "Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11". Both issues are straw men, for different reasons; the first is utterly disingenuous and shows total ignorance of how the Intelligence community works, and the second shows similarly complete ignorance of strategy, both military and political.

From my perspective, the woman in question is still a slave; it is just a different kind of slavery. That doesn't make it right, but it also doesn't make it America's fault.

Liberals, apparently, are perfectly fine with the idea of allowing people to live under tyranny, whether it be poilitical or religious. (Well, "religious" so long as the religion isn't Christianity...although I have yet to come across an example of "Christian" tyranny in the last hundred years which wasn't fictional.) Torture rooms, rape rooms, mass graves--they're perfectly okay. Stalin starved millions of his own citizens, China has killed its millions, but we love those guys because they care about the common man. (Okay, they say they care. It's the thought that counts!)

They don't mind it, except when they need a foreign crisis to push a domestic crisis off the front pages of the newspapers. Remember Milosevic and the "mass graves"? Remember how important it was that we go and save all those people who were being killed? (The fact that Clinton was being impeached at the time, for perjury, had nothing to do with it, nothing whatsoever!)

Remember how many "mass graves" were actually discovered? I'll tell you: 0.0 mass graves were actually found. I don't see liberals getting angry over Clinton causing all kinds of destruction and strife and I sure as hell don't see liberals chanting "Bill Lied, People Died".

In Iraq, not only did we discover caches of WMDs; we found torture rooms, rape rooms, and plenty of mass graves. We found terrorist training camps and we found credible evidence that Al Qaeda terrorists were trained at those camps. It is true that none of the 9/11 terrorists trained in Iraq, but there is a credible link between Iraq under Hussein and Al Qaeda.

That alone makes Iraq a target. But besides that, Hussein was funding other terrorism, and the war is against islamic terrorism, not against Al Qaeda alone. Hussein was in violation of multiple UN security resolutions, all of which promised military action if he violated them. Hussein was committing atrocities against his own citizens (rape rooms, torture rooms, mass graves--actual real things we have found and documented).

Liberals love to point out that Hussein was a US ally in the 1980s when Iran and Iraq were at war. They ignore the fact that that, too, is justification for the war in Iraq: Hussein was our mess. We made it, we're cleaning it up.

But no; all they can see is the disingenous spin: "there were no WMDs" (which is itself wrong) "and so Bush Lied, and People Died." And, of course, the oft-repeated, "Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11!"


Anyone who claims to be a "feminist" ought to be getting down on his/her knees and thanking whatever deity he/she holds dear for the invasion of Iraq. The refugees who are forced into prostitution are a minority; most Iraqi women are more free today than they have been for the past 25 years.

But no; the outcome was not perfect, so the entire operation must be stopped and Bush must be impeached. Jesus, and these people accuse conservatives of looking at things as "black and white"?

* * *

An afterthought: this is one story. Someone please remind these idiots that "the plural of 'anecdote' is not 'data'". Please?