September 20th, 2007


Steven Den Beste reports that the last episode of School Days was yanked from broadcast at the last minute.

Apparently someone dies in the final episode, in bloody fashion; recently a girl in Japan murdered her father with an axe, so to be "sensitive" the networks postponed the episode. No idea if we'll ever get to see it at this point.

The link that SDB provides has a bunch of comments with speculation as to who dies and how; most think that Kotonoha kills Makoto. And if so, good job Kotonoha. Heh. Regardless, it kind of sucks that we may never know who, what, and how. Unless some otaku in Japan sneaks a copy out of the studio and pirates the everloving piss out of it....

#579: Damn spam.

I don't have much to work with here, but I'm going to do what I can.

Briana Blair makes the mistake of thinking I am a trendy person. I am about as far from "trendy" as you can get and still be a member of Western Civilization. I live with my Mom, work at Target, watch anime, and blog on LiveJournal, for Christ's sake. Briana will probably get in trouble for mistakenly contacting such a non-trendy person with information clearly meant for the trendy people. Which I'm not.

Soto & Blair Sheehan need to double-check the e-mail address they sent their message to. Ain't no "Desiree" here. (See my above comment about not being "trendy".) And while we're at it, is it too much to ask that those two get their own individual e-mail accounts? I mean, it's not like Hotmail charges anything....

Maggie Gomes says that research has shown that my penis can grow beyond its current...what? I'm assuming "size" is the next word.

I don't need "research" to tell me that. I know it can. I would suggest that the Maggie Gomeses of the world look up the meaning of the word "erection".

Percy Nichols informs me that his overall health has improved. Good for him. Now he can work on his spelling.

Ofelia Fernandez offers to help with poor sperm counts. This is something I should probably take her up on. I'm pretty sure my sperm can't count. Or perhaps I'm parsing the sentence wrong, and she's referring to the overall total number of sperm which make less than $19,000 per year; if that's the case, I'm the king of that hill.

Refugio Winkler attempts to pique my curiosity by saying "Only here". But Refugio does not reckon with my ability to ignore his pathetic attempt at being interesting.

* * *

Yeah, I know it's not really all that damned funny. Sorry.

#580: Not so wrong as I thought (super-capacitor electric cars, again)

Here on Jerry Pournelle's blog there are folks who have done the "back of the envelope" calculations and come to much the same conclusions I did:
Morning Jerry

> A Austin-based startup called EEStor promised "technologies for replacement of electrochemical batteries," meaning a motorist could plug in a car for five minutes and drive 500 miles round trip between Dallas and Houston without gasoline."

The engineer in me just had to start scratching on the back of an envelope:-

My car does 33 miles to the gallon (imperial) on a long run. 500 mile trip = 15.2gal = 69.1l

Wikipedia tels me 91octane petrol has 34.8MJ/l (Mega Joules per litre).

Therefore I consume 2400MJ on my trip.

Assuming 25% efficiency for the car that gives me 600MJ of energy for the 500 miles.

Assume 90% efficiency for battery/capacitor/electric motor transport = 666MJ for the trip.

Charging time = 5min = 300sec.

1 Watt = 1 Joule/sec

666MJ in 5 min = 2.2MW

Assuming 200V for the operating voltage gives an average charging current of 11,000A!!!! (and remember this is a capacitor based system so the initial current will be much higher.....).

A big filling station in the UK can refuel 10,000+ cars a day. Can you say on site multiple nuclear reactors :-)

I can only assume that the 5min is the time taken to swap out the capacitor pack but even so charging and handling thousands of packs a day is going to change the face of filling stations.

All the best

Ian Crowe
In other words, maybe I wasn't wrong.