September 28th, 2007

#595: Already?

Yeah, m.3.3.w Fansubs already has School Days 12 up. I grabbed the torrent, then saw that they've got a direct-download link, so I canceled the torrent and am DLing it the old-fashioned way. It's faster.

That led me to a couple of other DDL sites, too, by the way, one of which is a member site. I'm going to have to have a look at these, because I'd prefer direct downloads to torrents--they're just faster, dang it.

* * *

Thursday was an interesting day, though not as interesting as one month ago, more or less.

I was in Receiving all night Wednesday night--first sorting backstock as the truck was unloaded, and then doing Receiving once that was done.

The backstock was a complete "charlie foxtrot". We were getting a bunch of transition merchandise, and we had four pallets set to receive said merchandise.

The problem is, there are some people who don't understand how it's supposed to work, and every time I'm doing backstock I have to argue with them about it. I get tired of having the same argument every freaking time.

The system we use is pretty simple. Every box that comes off the truck has a label affixed to it by the Distribution Center. A person scans that label with a PDA, or "gun" (it's shaped kind of like the "type II" phaser from the original Star Trek, but with a display and keyboard on its dorsal surface). This lets the store's inventory computer know that the package is coming into the store. The computer then determines where the box is needed, the floor or the stockroom. It informs the person doing the scanning, beeping a certain number of times if the box goes to the back room. If the box is to go to the back room--to "backstock"--the person scanning the merchandise draws a line through the bar code on the label with a marker, indicating to the rest of the unloading team that the thing is backstock.

The inventory computer knows what items are "set"--have places on the floor ready--and which do not. It knows how many units will fit on the floor in various locations, and it knows how many units are sold of each item every day.

So when a transition item is scanned, if it is backstock, it shows as backstock. If it's transition, it gets a T on its label. If it's bulk (more than 12 units) it gets a B on its label. If it's backstock, it gets a single line, and if it's push--if it goes to the sales floor--it gets no mark at all.

But people on the push side of the line don't believe me when I tell them that. "It's transition! It's set date is 9/30!" And I get really tired of arguing the point. I went to the boss and asked him about it, and he told me to backstock it.

As for me, I had two people helping me on the backstock side--one guy who's been there about a month, and one who doesn't do backstock all that often. And so every stinking box that had a transition label got backstocked. And no, they weren't supposed to be.

What the hell am I supposed to do? People don't listen to me when I tell them something and no one bothers to tell me anything, either. 90% of the time we get transition, if we set up pallets for it, we get a mess of other junk that doesn't match the numbers for the pallets we've set up but is still transition. I've tried and tried to tell people that if the label has no mark it's push regardless of what the label actually says, but they don't listen, don't believe me, and won't take the damn boxes. I don't have any authority to make them do it, either.

I was busier than a one-armed paper hanger all through the unload, despite the fact that there were three of us back there--unusual for a one-truck night. I had to wrap pallets during the unload simply because we didn't have any room left.

So last night the guys who were at the warehouse ended up having to sort through the pallets of all that stuff, and all the while they were doing it they were bitching about it. Well, shucky darn, sorry guys; I'm one person and I did what I could and everyone there apparently thinks I'm stupid and lazy, so fuck it and fuck you.

Anyway, while doing Receiving I cleaned up the back aisle. Almost no one ever cleans back there, and if it wasn't for my efforts the damn thing would be a pigsty of cut zip ties, pallet fragments, and plastic scraps. But I never have enough time to sweep it out thoroughly.

I was a bit of a stinker last night. The boss wanted me to finish Receiving quickly and then go to the back room, but I didn't; I cleaned. It was a rare night with little bulk, and I wanted to take advantage of it, particularly since we'd gotten a downcheck for cleanliness on our most recent visit from corporate.

The back aisle we call "chargeback" because that's where all the returns of damaged merchandise are processed. It's also where vendors store their merchandise--pop, certain food items, etc--and bags and non-stock items are supposed to be put back there, as well. Hangar boxes, repacks, etc.

I moved all the BS out of the way and then went after the pallets with a pallet jack and a broom. I'd pull a pallet, sweep the space, replace it, and move on to the next one. There are 14 pallets along there, and each one got moved in turn. I figure it's been at least a year since that area was last swept, and I was the person who did it then. The pile of garbage that I'd accumulated when all was said and done was huge.

I found two mouse nests. They were empty; I couldn't tell how long they'd been there, but I didn't see any mice.

So I don't feel guilty for basically ignoring the boss' orders. That job needed to be done.

I think that's one of the things which is missing from most peoples' definition of "doing Receiving". They think that when the work with the pallets is done, and when everything's put away, the job is finished--but it's not; you have to sweep, damn it. It's the dirtiest part of the building even if it's swept every day--and it is not swept every day, because the guy who normally does it these days is a lazy-ass moron. It's not me; if I am lucky I do Receiving one day per week, and inevitably I spend part of my night fixing the stupid crap that other guy leaves behind because he's too damned lazy to do it correctly, and thinks he's some kind of team lead who can ignore the rules as he pleases.

So when I got home from work, I was aching and tired. I had a bunch of stuff to fix, and I fixed it; I cleaned the chargeback aisle; and I did the other normal tasks one does in Receiving. I left at 6:10 AM.

Home, food, shower, anime, sleep...but sleep wouldn't come.

Finally, around noon I got pissed off and took the Jeep around back. Mom had earlier asked me if I'd be willing to take the old boat batteries to the recycler and I'd said "no", but now I was too pissed off at my apparent insomnia, so I figured I might as well do something useful. I loaded the batteries into the truck and we took 'em to the junkyard, which gave us $4 each for 'em. I stopped at the car wash long enough to vacuum the crud out of the truck--those batteries had sat on our back porch for a long time--and then finally managed to get some freaking sleep.

* * *

...and the DL of School Days 12 is done. Later.

#596: School Days

I think this famous likeness says it all:

That was approximately my reaction to the ending of School Days. I mean, damn.

I was going to get a cellphone pic of my expression but it only lasted until this came on the screen at the very end of the episode, though:

That's not really a spoiler, BTW, especially since I've been predicting some "wtfbbq pwnage" since about episode 9.

But still, damn, what an ending! I mean, WTFBBQ!!! OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!!11one-one

And, BTW, eew.


Here is a thread I came across on the show. And one comment in particular got me:

"i guess we all wanted makoto 2 be punished… but DAMN.. [SPOILER REDACTED] pwned his ass… and i knew it was gonna be violent but not 2 the point where makoto looks freakin skary after he’s dead.." [I cut the spoiler; the rest is SIC]

I doubt this person has ever seen a freshly-dead human body in real life. Particularly that of a person who has died of violence. When I worked in the nursing home I was fortunate in that I only had to deal with one resident who had died; that was bad enough. I can't imagine how "freakin skary" it would look if he'd been stabbed several times rather than just died of natural causes.

Death is never pretty, dude. And it wouldn't have had the impact it had if Makoto had instead looked all composed and made-up the way a cadaver looks once the undertakers are done with it. (Here in the US, anyway, where we try make our dead look like they are only sleeping before we bury them.)

Oh well.

#597: Ornery about the news today

Abortion clinic with "bloody carpets" closed in Atlantic City.

Blood in the carpets, rust on the tools--at that point is it really any better than a back-alley abortion?

In the "what a fxxxing SURPRISE" category, we have this story telling us that Rob "Meathead" Reiner is endorsing Hillary Clinton. You may recall my discussion of Meathead's "the middle class doesn't need a tax cut" rally in Iowa City back in 2001; Mr. Really Rich Hollywood Liberal thinks he knows better than I do how much money I need. That's Hillary is all about; seen her stupid health care plans lately?

This I heard about this morning. I suggested to my coworkers that perhaps someone just stole a bunch of railroad spikes in order to take them to a recycling center. You can get some fair money for "scrap iron" and they don't usually ask where you got it.

It could be sabotage. Or it could be some moron who wants another hit of his drug of choice and somehow found himself a crowbar. (He probably hocked the crowbar, too.) It's a bit premature to call it "attempted terrorism"--if anyone is, which I don't even know.

Another Democrat wants to use taxes to fix something.

I thought taxes didn't change peoples' behavior? Democrats are always telling us that you don't get economic growth when you cut income taxes, despite the fact that it's worked every time it's been tried. So how will an extra $0.50 tax on gasoline reduce demand for it?

Democrats just want to tax everything, as much as possible, in order to have more money to spend on socializing whatever they can and perpetuating poverty.

"...most [of the revenue] would go elsewhere including for highway construction, mass transit, paying for Social Security and health programs and to help the poor pay energy bills." Emphasis mine. See what I mean?

Finally, John Edwards is a moron. What the hell? He doesn't have any right to make a decision about his eight-year-old's education and moral upbringing? The kid is supposed to make up his own mind?

He wants to be in charge of the country, but he doesn't think he has the right to be in charge of how his own damn son is raised?

What kind of leader would that make him? What kind of father does that make him? What kind of weed has he been smoking?

If that doesn't make you want to vote against him, nothing will.

#598: Slouching toward #600

...I'm getting there.

But I had to post this, and didn't want to add it to another post.

Ars Technica has a link to "Webb Alert" on its home page. And this is what it looks like today:

I have seen Evil Skull Woman staring back at me from that web page for several weeks now, and it's starting to get to me. That horrifying rictus, those stark cheekbones, the pulled-back hair... It reminds me, in fact, of the great-to-the-nth-power grandmother of Calandra D'Medieros.

Calandra was a character in someone else's campaign, but I secured permission to use her in my own campaign setting ("Riven Sky" is the working title) and so I've changed her background a bit. Her great-to-the-nth grandmother is the original demi-lich; she is the Lich Queen Sharandra D'Medieros, and she's about as sick, evil, and twisted as you expect a necromancer to be. Particularly one that's around 1,000 or so years old.

And that woman reminds me of her. Blech.

The sad thing is, that woman doesn't look like she's much older than 25 or 30, yet she looks like that. Man. She needs some better lighting, and makeup...and here's $20, go get yourself a bag of Big Macs, while you're at it; put some meat on your bones before you dry up and blow away, for Christ's sake.

#599: Figures don't lie but liars figure.

Climate Audit always has something going on. This time it's a continuing discussion of Hansen's climate data and how the data keeps mysteriously changing for no apparent reason.

I liked this comment:

"I don’t know why anyone is surprised by the new data. If the present fails to get warmer the past MUST become colder."

Someone else quoted that and added, "you win the thread".


#600: Ship-shape and ready to...uh...trail.

I know "talk like a pirate day" was the 19th. So what.

Arr, shiver me timbers! The boat be ready to sail for her next port o' call, me hearties!

No, screw that.

Mom wanted me to pump up the tires on the sailboat trailer so when the guys from the charity come to get it, they don't shred the tires. I took the compressor out back and pumped them up. But I also jacked up the trailer and filled in the ruts where the tires had sunk into the ground; and then I climbed up onto the boat to pump the water out, because when the boat moved I could hear it sloshing.

There must've been a good fifty gallons of water in there. Or more.

I think I learned how to start a siphon with the old hand-operated bilge pump--a skill I am certain never to need again--and got most of the water out. But it was a long, hard, dirty job.

When all was said and done, at least, the trailer was able to sit level again. I don't know, maybe 500 lbs of water or so in the back of the boat was enough to keep it from balancing right. With my Mom and me on the tongue of the trailer (maybe 360 lbs, total, with me being 260 of it) it would just barely sit level before I pumped out most of the water.

Nasty, slimy, icky water.

Boats, you see, are generally watertight from the bottom, but not necessarily completely so from the top...particularly when they've been sitting, unattended, for about ten years. I don't know the last time it was opened up and aired out, but I do recall that after a winter sitting in the back yard it would accumulate a gallon or two of water.

But the boat is generally sound, and I think anyone who buys the thing should find himself with a rather nice fixer-upper. As I said before, the Clipper 23 twin-keel sailboat is a rather nice pleasure boat.

I got extremely dirty and sweaty doing all this, but the job is done and I should never have to do it again. At least, not with that boat.


#601: How you measure evil?

In a unit defined for us by Rich Burlew: the nazi. Or, for particularly evil people, the kilonazi.

The hypothetical bastard child of Cruella De Ville and Sauron, Dark Lord of Mordor, would average around 4.65 kilonazi.

I wonder how Hitler would rate on that scale.