December 17th, 2007

#772: Numbers, news, miscellany

I did it again. I had to re-number several entries. This time I went from 759 to 780. Argh etc. But it's fixed now.

* * *

Voluntary Human Extinction enters the "mainstream" eco-nazi movement. The Voluntary Human Extinction movement (VHEM) thinks humans should stop breeding in order to save the Earth. The methods that Mark Steyn discusses in his article this week are exactly the methods espoused by the VHEM people.

That's right! These crackpots think that the environment is much more important than humanity, so we should just go extinct so that nature can survive untouched.

Most interesting part of the article? The last sentence. At a time when global carbon emissions went up 18 percent, US emissions went up seven percent.

Mother threatened with jail for homeschooling. No one told her that our government and its shills on the Left are very protective of the government's monopoly on education.

If you think it's not, try getting your city or state to enact a school voucher program. The last thing they want is for more than a minority of parents--those rich enough to afford private schools--to be able to choose where their kids and the education dollars attached to them go.

* * *

We got eleven inches of snow on Saturday night. I'm really glad I didn't have to work, let me tell you--although the Jeep would have been equal to the task of getting me home, I'm just as glad I could just stay inside.

The snowblower had trouble with the stuff, because it was that fine powdery kind, and it blew around enough that the snowflakes underwent close packing, so it's dense. If there had been less than, oh, a foot of the stuff the blower would have been fine. But now I've got to check to see if I roasted the drivebelt, or what....

It's supposed to be in the mid-30s this week, with a high near 40 on Friday; we'll see what we actually get--but some of this snow will melt before Christmas. "White Christmas"? Tune in next week....

* * *

Ghirardelli makes this caramel-filled chocolate which is incredibly tasty. I used to love the occasional Caramello by Cadbury, but I don't have the sweet tooth I once did--a big candy bar is too much. These Ghirardelli chocolates are bite-sized and if I want more I can just unwrap another piece, so it stays fresh longer. Of course this stuff is more expensive than the Cadbury stuff, argh etc.

* * *

Christmas Eve is a week away. ZOMGWTFBBQ.

#773: Two of three

Here, of course, we continue the chainmail bikini joke.

...the name of this one-panel spinoff comic was "Asa-chan's Ultimate Attack", by the way.

Pity it never went farther than the three strips. But maybe someday I'll do more.

The thing she's yelling at is Osamu, an alien bug which is her mascot/guardian--Osamu is "Sir Not Appearing In This Manga" in most of American Dawn, though, for various reasons, none of which The Hand bothered to share with me. Oh well.