December 19th, 2007

#776: Spam for the holidays!

Shoemaker Benny wants to be a lumberjack! (Instead of a shoemaker?) And I'm assuming that also means he:

  • skips and jumps
  • presses wildflowers
  • wears high heels, panties, and a bra
  • wishes he'd been born a girlie, just like his dear mama.

Mitzi Z. Benevides and Shirley R. Dejesus want to help me enlarge my dik:

Sorry, Mitzi and Shirley. I think it's just the right size.

Foulkes Posso is advertising algae. Some people think they can sell anything.

Yes, Dr. Vanessa Kimball, I am a real man. I satisfy all the requirements: Y chromosome, penis, testicles. Check.

Florencio Ediger is discussing the the process by which clover and similar plants deposit nitrogen in the soil. I'm not really interested.

Kareem Koenig says his mom has a nickname down at the truck stop.

Gwendolyn is talking about Canadians, but doesn't complete her sentence. Still, I'm pretty sure I know what she was saying. Using my vast knowledge of Canadian culture, I have reconstructed that subject:

"The main barrier cited by Canadians to doing more for the environment was the complete lack of beer involved, eh."

I present it here, free of charge, as a public service.

#777: Eco-nonsense, as usual

Germany wants eco-sanctions on the US.

Bring it, bitches. If you want to punish the US for not ratifying Kyoto or Bali, go right ahead. Because it's your consumers who will end up hurt by that policy in the end, when anything they buy that requires "energy-intensive" exports--anything made with steel or aluminum, for example--gets a hell of a lot more expensive.

Bali air conditioners filled with HCFCs. Oh, this is so good. A leaky system using a "potent greenhouse gas" which is also really bad for the ozone--

As you all know I don't really buy any of that. The "ozone hole" is a naturally-occuring, annual phenomenon which was first discovered in 1956--long before CFCs entered widespread use--explained, and forgotten about until the 1980s, when suddenly it was a crisis which meant we had to ban CFCs.

CFCs are heavy, stable molecules. That's why they were used as propellants in aerosols: many of them are essentially chemically inert. There are different kinds, of course, and they have different properties and are used according to what those properties are.

But none of that matters now, as the manufacture of CFCs has been banned since the 1980s. Now we have to use HFCs, which are less stable, less efficient, less safe, and more expensive than CFCs were. (R-134a, the refrigerant most commonly used in cars, can catch fire.) But, oh! they don't contain any nasty chlorine so they are ozone-friendly.

Fine, whatever.

I also don't buy the idea that infinitesimal changes in the composition of our atmosphere will change its heat-retention properties enough for us even to measure, much less notice. Each kilogram of HCFC might cause as much warming as 1.7 tons of carbon dioxide, but the annual carbon dioxide input to the atmosphere is two hundred and six million tons. do they even calculate that, I wonder? Or are they just comparing the specific heat capacities of carbon dioxide and HCFC? Because I can guaran-goddamned-tee you that the specific heat capacity of just about any complex molecule will be several orders of magnitude greater than that of carbon dioxide. Water's specific heat is greater, and it has the same number of atoms for crying out loud.

Comparing the specific heat of two molecules is not the same as comparing their ability to contain "greenhouse radiation".

Look: sunlight strikes the Earth. The Earth is warmed and radiates some infrared light. Some of the IR light is absorbed by various "greenhouse gases" in the atmosphere. The eco-nazi theory is that increasing the IR-absorbing gases in the atmosphere will increase the total heat retained by the atmosphere, thus causing global warming. Specifically, that adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere will do it.

As I said above, the world's annual "carbon budget" is about 206,000,000 tons. Of that, about 6,000,000 come from man-made sources. All of this serves to maintain an atmospheric carbon dioxide level of 0.78%. Over the past three hundred years, we are told, we have increased the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere from 280 parts-per-million to 380 PPM--but no one has shown how we have done that; only that the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide coincides with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

...which, coincidentally enough, coincides with the end of the Little Ice Age...and as the ice-core data shows, rises in carbon dioxide concentrations are always preceded by warming. So for all we know, the increased carbon dioxide could be the result of the end of the Little Ice Age!

So it's all bullshit. But the people at that luxurious retreat eco-conference believe that stuff like it came from some kind of Eco-greenie bible, so let's treat it as such for a moment:

Man, are those asshats hypocrites, or what?

#778: Just Awesome.

Via Unix-Jedi, we have this. A pithy quote follows; do go read the entire thing, because it is well worth it.
14. Fraudulent elections. Thank you, “American,” from the bottom of my heart, for saving this for last. The Miami Herald did a very, very in-depth study of the 2000 election in Florida. Here are the facts: Bush won the first mechanical count. Bush won the subsequent mechanical recount. That is all constitutional law required. But Bush then went on the win the third mechanical count. Bush then won the hand recount, where election officials read tea leaves and chicken entrails to determine a voter’s ‘intent.’ As far as ‘judicial selection’ goes, the Constitution requires that electors be present in Washington at a certain date. The Supreme Court merely told the Florida court that it is not allowed to continue to recount and recount and recount and recount until it gets the result they desire. The Supreme Court did NOT “select” Bush. They told Florida to have their electors on time. This is the essence of a lawful and orderly society. Tanks did not roll. Gunfire was not heard in the halls of the Congress, as they are no doubt in whatever little shithole you are writing from. I voted for Gore in 2000, to my everlasting shame, and I was immediately convinced that he had lost and was deeply embarrassed by the showboating. NIXON, evil EVIL Nixon conceded the 1960 election with far, far stronger case because he knew what was good for the country.