January 25th, 2008

#853: Follow-up

The problem with Blue Drop ep 13 downloading turned out to be due to the auto-backup program that copies files to my external hard drive when I'm not doing anything else. Disabled that, presto, the thing downloaded without a problem.

An upgrade was recently released for that program, of course, and like a doofus I went ahead and allowed it to upgrade. Argh.

* * *

Nanoha, from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha et al, is about 90% what I imagined Asa (from my own series American Dawn) being. They even have the right voice, for Christ's sake.

It's not fair.

...okay, Nanoha is not Asa. Asa's not a magical girl; if anything AD is a "slice of life" series with a few random insane elements thrown in. Nanoha lives in a world in some far future and it's probable that the "magic" is, in fact, merely technology beyond the Clarke limit. ("Any sufficiently advanced technology..." etc.) The personalities aren't the same, either.

It's still not fair.

* * *

Current outside temp: -5°F. For the third day in a row. "Global warming" my ass.

Anyone care to explain to me how higher average global temperatures lead to colder winters? I am prepared to listen with a (mostly) straight face. As far as I can tell, when the average temperature of the planet is higher it means winters are mild. This ain't "mild". It's not the worst winter in my memory but it's not mild by a long shot.

The weather people predicted a "mild" winter for this year. They were wrong, because long-term weather prediction is pretty much impossible. Yet we believe them when they tell us it'll be hotter in 50 years?

* * *

General Tao's Chicken for dinner. And I just finished a plate of reheated leftovers. And now my stupid cat is licking the plate. I thought cats weren't supposed to like spicy food?

* * *

Going through the old posts I found that someone read my rant regarding Ferengi in the Federation. I need a way to know when someone has added a comment to one of the 853 (as of now) posts I've posted, dang it, so I can reply in a timely manner.

I'm sure LJ has a way for me to know; I just haven't found it. Maybe I need a copy of LiveJournal for Dummies.

#854: That was a bit more than six years ago.

I just finished looking through the e-mail log for the month of August, 2001.

When I worked at Rockwell-Collins, I habitually made PDFs of my e-mails. I tried to do it every month. And then I would e-mail the PDF to my home account, because people sent me e-mail at work all the time, and that way I kept all my correspondence.

But the practical upshot of all this is that I have little snapshots of what my life was like at the time the e-mails were written. It's better than a diary or journal, too.

...and Lord I can't believe what I was dealing with.

My boss was micro-managing me: I had to send her e-mails informing her when I arrived and when I left every day. (And I don't think I was the only person who was doing that, either.) So the PDF is full of no-body e-mails with one-word subjects to the bitch--"here" and "leaving"--sometimes with a sentence or two of body to amplify the subject.

The August 2001 file discusses the severe stomach cramps which sent me to the doctor one afternoon--cramps so bad the doc did an EKG to make sure it wasn't my heart. (It wasn't.) The doc gave me Nexium on the theory it was GERD, but it wasn't GERD--it was just my stomach twisting itself into knots due to stress.

"I once had a large income and a larger ulcer; I now have a small income and no ulcer." Heinlein, Have Space Suit--Will Travel.

...except that I didn't have a "large" income, except relative to where I am now. I'm not sure it's worth it. If I'd been making double what I was making, maybe then it would have been worth it; but in the months that followed my being laid off in the wake of 9/11, I realized that that job had been killing me...and what I should do, every time I start bemoaning the fact that I lost that job, is to look up the old e-mail archives and remind myself why it's probably a good thing I lost that job.