February 4th, 2008

#875: It's Monday morning; time for stuff!

Yes, it's Monday, February 4th, and tomorrow is "Super Tuesday", and I'm going to vote for Mitt because I don't have any other viable options, and Mitt is the least-stinkiest on the leader board. Whoever ends up with the Republican nod will be better than Hillary or Obama, in any event, even if it's only a matter of degree. *sigh* Even a "matter of degree" which requires Monster Cables in order to detect. (Incidentally, I notice that the Monster Cable corporation has sued to prevent the Chicago Bears from calling themselves "monsters of the midway". That's chutzpah. "This nickname existed decades before our company, but we're suing anyway." Come to think of it, though, it's about the same amount of chutzpah required to charge $45 for a $3 wire.)

Boortz is again on fire today. Read the entire page. It's good, especially the comments from "open-minded" and "tolerant" liberals. Hilarious.

Boortz's take on the worst elements of the Katrina victims is, I'm afraid, pretty much spot-on. That's what makes him a "racist" in the estimation of our "open-minded" liberal friends: he dares to speak the truth about a certain group of people--ie, Katrina victims who did nothing to help themselves when the floods came. People who are so used to depending on the government for everything they could not manage to do anything for themselves when they were endangered.

Boortz also leads me to advise that you never, never, ever have a female muslim for a doctor, particularly a surgeon. That just gives me the heebie-jeebies. "My religious beliefs take precedence over your safety as a patient." So much for Hippocrates.

Another excerpt from Vox Day's book. This one is about the "Hitler question". Hitler was apparently Christain in name only? Again, this is a surprise? Anyone who has looked at the rise and fall of the Third Reich with even ordinary curiosity (hell, just read the book!) will know that Hitler and his cronies were pseudo-pagans. Nazism was not "informed" by Christianity any more than Japan was under Togo. Atheists who use Hitler as an example of how "evil" religion is don't know what the hell they're talking about.

CIA has dirt on McCain. Okay.

I'm not really "into" conspiracy theories which include the CIA. The guy's right when he says that the CIA has a bunch of looney-leftists in charge; that's true of most of the alphabet soup government agencies, though. The idea that the Clintons could use CIA dirt to get McCain--I can't rule it out, but I'm not sure how much credence I lend to this guy's discussion. Yet.

Proper maintenace helps. 1,000,000 miles on a 1991 Chevy pickup. My Dad had a 1988 Silverado and we put something like 170,000 on it, and the only two problems we ever had with it were the return spring for the brake pedal--it wasn't strong enough, so the brake lights would stay on unless you lifted the pedal with the top of your foot--and the radio died. That's it. Mechanically it was as good the day he traded it in on the van as it was when he bought it. Good solid machines.

Of course, those trucks are built mostly with 1940s technology, which is why they last so long. They're tanks--cast iron pushrod V8, longditudinal transmission, live rear axle, ladder frame--all of these components have been in use for a very long time, and the automakers know how to build them inexpensively but reliably. "Mature technology", that's the phrase I'm looking for.

The fact that most people don't bother to use their vehicles that long is one reason we don't see more stories like this one.

North Korea "...is nearly self-sufficient in ballistic missile production...." but they can't manage to make enough food for all their citizens. Apparently they're getting help from Russia. Exellent.

And as if there isn't already enough trouble, China rattles its sabers over Taiwan being recognized by the UN. China needs to get over Taiwan, damn it. Taiwan has never been a part of Communist China, and China knows that if it makes a move to invade and conquer Taiwan, it'll cause more trouble in that part of the world than it's really worth--either to them or to anyone else.

China knows that a Taiwan which is officially recognized by the UN is one step closer to being wholly independent from Beijing, and that puts a boot in the face of any plans for "reintegration". While China might be able to stare down a few countries, it can not stare down the entire freaking world, and it knows it.

There's that old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." Any way I look at it, I see "interesting times" ahead of us. Dang it.

#876: I'm going to try a webcomic.

I had the idea this morning, and I've already whipped together two "pages" of four panels each.

This will update "whenever" so don't hold your breath waiting for it...but I've got a ton of jokes I want to use, so hopefully it will make it as far as some reasonable stopping point.

This is a ripoff of so many other similar ideas, including DM of the Rings and Darths and Droids. In my case, it's Pretty Cure as a role-playing game.

To be continued....

Yes I know the text is too small. I have limited bandwidth. I'll do what I can to fix this on the subsequent pages.

#877: This looks fun.

Shamus, at Twenty Sided has a link to YouTube for an upcoming movie called Hancock which looks like it'll be pretty damn funny.

Hancock is clearly a Superman-style superhero--super strong, invulnerable, flies, etc--but has, shall we say, "issues"...and if the movie is 1/4 as good as the preview makes it look, it's going to be a good one.

I'm sure the plot is pretty much a standard superhero movie plot. At least the concept has a few elements of uniqueness to it. I may have to see this one in the theater.