April 21st, 2008

#1022: More on Il Fronte

Having read all the Emily books, the anime is now even more of a pleasure than it was before I read 'em.

The anime has pretty much crammed the first two novels into a blender and hit "puree", but here's what I think happened: either they started to tell just the first story and then ran out of story before they ran out of episodes; or else they were originally going to do the whole thing and got cut partway through.

That's why we spend 19 eps on Emily of New Moon and then start on Emily Climbs in ep 20. With exactly 7 eps to finish the story. *sigh* Still, I'm enjoying it.

I noticed that the character design for Ilse is spot-on, and the the color of Emily's eyes is perfectly matched to the description in the book.

The animators missed the scene where Emily convinces Aunt Elizabeth to let her wear bangs, though, so we're stuck with Il Fronte throughout the series.

In ep 21, Emily et al suddenly jump from "grade school" character designs to "freshman in high school" character designs. Mainly it's the proportions; the proportioning of the bodies to their heads changes from "kid" to "young adult".

Emily wears the Edwardian equivalent of a sailor suit. Heh.

So now I only have four eps left of Emily of New Moon.

* * *

I was surprised to learn that the seventh ep of Spice and Wolf is going to be DVD-only. I wonder why?

* * *

Sunday I did nothing but nap and watch anime. That's it. It was another beautiful spring day, but I didn't do anything worthwhile.

I expect the part for the van to come in either today or Tuesday, though, and then I'll be hurling myself under the thing to get everything bolted back together. Whee!

#1023: Monday afternoon's stuff

I should be outside putting a power steering hose on the van, not doing this. I hope you're happy.

I'm starting, as I increasingly find myself doing, by linking to Boortz. As usual, a ton of goodness here.

Somebody forgot to remind me that yesterday was Earth Day. And in Edmonton, they had to have their "celebration" indoors due to a blizzard. Yeah, "global warming". Meanwhile, I haven't heard if the latest sunspot cycle has begun yet...

Scotland apparently has one refinery. This refinery is in a phased shutdown due to a strike. Panic ensues.

What would Scotland do if some raghead took out that refinery with a well-placed self-detonation?

Vox Day discusses the fundamentalist enclave in Texas which was recently busted up by the government. His take is an interesting one. I don't know what I think about this issue because I have carefully not paid any attention to it, but Vox Day makes an excellent case here.

Truck testicles now illegal in Florida. Florida strikes a blow for good taste. Amazing.

...as is the weather outside. Guess I'd better go fix the van. And change the oil in the lawn mower. And....

UPDATE: Call it a moral victory: I got the van put back together, all except for the power steering pressure line. AutoZone gave me the wrong blanking part.

UPDATE 2: Took the incorrect part back to AutoZone. The anus who waited on me checked the part number but didn't check to see if the right part was in the box.

His suggestion? "Bend the tube to fit."
Me: "And if I kink it while bending it, can I get a free replacement?"
Him: "Maybe the best idea is to remove that bracket." (the power steering pump bracket.)
Me: "Well, except that that's the bracket which holds the pump on the truck. Thanks." ...and I left.

No more AutoZone for me. Not when there's a Murray's Discount Auto Parts and an Advance Auto just down the street from there.

#1024: (decimal). 10000000000 (binary). 400 (hex). 2,000 (octal).

I just finished watching Kimikiss--Pure Rouge and Rental Magic.

...Rental Magic, while interesting and moderately entertaining, did not grab me. Kimikiss--Pure Rouge was a romance story and it could have been better, but could have been worse. I don't think either series was bad, but I'm glad I saw them as fansubs and didn't pay anything for them, because I would have felt cheated if I had.

Rental Magic did some stupid things with the episode order early in the series, but they finally settled down and advanced the story in linear fashion.

Spice and Wolf is pretty good, though. I look forward to each new episode. The world it's set in would make a great setting for a D&D campaign....

Il Fronte Emily of New Moon, at ep 24, is also doing quite nicely, and as I said before it's been made more entertaining by my perusal of the original novels. They can wrap up a synthesis of the story, I think, in two more episodes, if they don't screw around too much. (Eliminating 95% of the "Dean Priest" story arc helped with that considerably.)

I've given up trying to watch Magical Fairy Persia. The stories are too simplistic and the animation style mired too firmly in the 1980s--it is uninteresting to the adult viewer, unlike stories such as Akazukin Chacha.

Anyway, the current viewing list is getting really sparse; I'm down to two eps of Emily and a handful of eps of Wolf and Spice. Right now I have Chocotto Sister and True Tears in their entirety downloading right now, along with the biggest batch torrent I've ever ganked: the entire Kimagure Orange Road TV series. Yeesh.

I have some other series which I could start watching, too; so it's not like I'm going to have to sit down with the stack of videotapes.

Well, tomorrow promises to be a long day. I suppose I should hit the sack soon....