June 10th, 2008

#1105: The Monster HDMI cable scam.

I just came across this article, which pretty much guarantees that if anyone ever tries to sell me a Monster product, I will laugh in his face.

I found this via Dan's Data; scroll down about halfway and read the one titled "Another chance to link to this comic".

Monster's products are overpriced crap, and it's overpriced crap that doesn't do anything special. And the "scam" mentioned in the first link only further demonstrates this; if the set with the composite input instead used an HDMI cable, you wouldn't be able to see a difference.

It's the uneducated folks that I feel sorry for; they don't know that they're getting scammed, so they shell out $80 for a cable that they should only have to pay $20-$30 for.

Me, I won't wipe my nose on the stuff.

#1106: You can't fake the stupid.

UPDATE: Link corrected. /UPDATE

I want to start here, and rather than comment extensively on it I'm just going to quote one thing from it and let you read the thing yourself:

Here are 3 options:

1) Commit suicide.

2) Write to your Senator warning him that taking bribes from Jews is a sin.

3) Never vote again.
One wisecrack: how does that actually stop anything? Granted, psycho anti-Semites would be doing the entire world a favor by never voting again (either #3 or #1 on the list) but if your aim is to stop "the jewish lobby" how will any of those have an effect on it?

Oh, because this doofus' "correct" answer: "Pray To The Lord Jesus Christ To Either Convert The Jews Or Conquer Them Through The Power Of His Cross!"


This is a genuine "WTF" for me. How about you?

* * *

A college professor tries teaching in a public school.
On my one day off I drive down to a private prep school for an information interview. I feel like a traitor: I believe in a level playing field for all, and it irks me that some can pay for what all deserve. I visit classes, and the students are orderly and prepared, attentive and engaged. The teachers design their own courses and have courtly conversations about the intellectual synergies they've created. It's heaven, and as I leave the gates I am unaccountably in tears — tears, I decide, of outrage.
She's outraged that the rich kids are getting a good education when the not-rich kids aren't.

Except that if you read her story you can get the truth of the matter. The kids of rich (and therefore, one assumes, successful) parents are well-disciplined and have parents who are involved in their kids' upbringing. The kids at the public schools are not well-disciplined, however much their parents may be involved in their upbringing.

In fact, it's more likely that plenty of the parents in question are scrimping and sacrificing to send their kids to private school--because they know that private schools do better than government schools do at the job of educating children with useful information such as math, language, and history.

Rather than, say, ecology, political correctness, and how to use condoms.

Yeah, cry your tears of outrage that some people care about their kids enough to make sure they're taught useful things.

She believes in a "level playing field for all" but there's no such damned thing. If you took the kids from the public school and plunked them down in the private school, what you'd end up with is a recreation of the public high school. It's the kids, not the classroom, that is the problem. And the kids are like that because their parents don't teach them to behave.

Besides, though, the public school system can't discipline kids any more. They just can't. Not when parents will hire lawyers and sue because Johnny's feelings got hurt. The kids know they won't get in trouble, so they act like freaking barbarians. If a teacher yells at them, they cry to their parents.

What a load of crap.

* * *

Barak Hussein Obama's gaffes? A good read, and a salient quote:
Israelis and others who care for that nation should listen to and believe Barack Hussein Obama with all the confidence engendered by a man who throws his pastor and church under the bus after 20 years of using them to help propel him to his present position. Never mind that they were the vehicle to endear him to the black population that embraces black liberation theology and helped him launch his political career. Under the bus they went when it became politically expedient. And Israel will join them if/when it becomes expedient for him to toss them.

And a blog page about Barak Hussein Obama's gaffes. Including this wonderful one about how, if he is elected President, the Earth will "begin to heal". What?

If this guy had an (R) after his name instead of a (D), we'd never hear the end of the derision from the left. Instead, they're all silent.

* * *

Apparently I live under a rock or something, since I didn't know about the existence of these videos. And upon learning of them, I think, "okay, that's...neat." WTF.

Bonus points for identifying the characters in the original Carameldansen vid: Mai and Mii from Popotan.

It'd be better if they used the whole song instead of just a piece of it over and over again. But four frames? Maybe I should dig out the cel painting kit again and animate my own vid for this, with original characters.

Yeah, I'll do that right before I get a life....

But this, now that takes some doing: it's rendered in real time, for crying out loud.

Pixy is right; science fiction is now, baby.


If you are not flat-out open-mouth amazed at that, you don't know enough about technology to be using teh intarwebsz.