September 3rd, 2008

#1244: How to make yourself look like a screeching moron

Read Neal Boortz today! Lots of good commentary in there.

Phil Gramm's comments about economic illiteracy are, IMHO, dead-on. Even the Democrat spin on those comments is correct. Heh. (Like a stopped clock....)

* * *

A common thread during election years following two or more terms of a Republican in the White House: "the Repugnican screwed everything up, but the Democrat will fix it all and make the world full of sunshine, rainbows, and candy!"

Here is just such a pile of tripe. The piece recites the usual liberal crap, paraphrasing "Bush lied, kids died" and that our economy is in a shambles.

I note here for the sake of argument that we're sitting at 5.7% unemployment. When Bill Clinton was in the White House, 5.7% unemployment was called "full employment". Under GWB, unemployment has been lower than that; high energy costs--which are attributable to Democrat policies--have since caused unemployment to rise. Ms. Ali's assertion that our economy "continues to crumble" is fatuous and incorrect. "Crime, homelessness, and poverty continue to soar," she finishes.

I'm thinking that by that she means the fact that a Republican continues to occupy the White House--which is, to people of her ilk, a crime--and that occupation keeps a Democrat from living there, which increases homelessness. Yeah.

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What did Barak Hussein Obama do at Colombia when he was in college? Don't get mad at conservatives for asking this question. The article discusses the fact that the media itself started all this in 1999 when the New Yorker obtained and published President Bush's Yale transcript.

Fair's fair, guys.

* * *

Chris Muir takes a stab at making up ludicrous allegations about presidential candidates.

Indeed: when did Barak Hussein Obama stop dressing up gerbils in lederhosen? I think this story is at least as credible and important as the one about Sarah Palin's daughter being the actual mother of Trig.

Pixy Misa, who is Australian, gets into the act.

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...what lies? What scandal? The only "scandal" that I can see from here is the way the press is piling onto a non-story. Who has lied about anything? What is the scandal? Sarah Palin had a baby with Down's Syndrome. Her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant.

(Stacy opines on that last, by the way.)

This is the first time I have ever seen the press make so much out of nothing. Everything they're throwing at Sarah Palin is the kind of stuff they would laud if she had a "D" after her name instead of an "R".

* * *

Don LaFontaine is dead. Movie trailers will never sound the same.