September 8th, 2008

#1251: Monday evening, a few comments

A few links, a few wisecracks.

Price of nuclear power is surprisingly stable.

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Barak Hussein Obama news:

Terror groups have "legitimate concerns". Do tell, o Mr. Messiah? What would those concerns be? The intolerable existence of Israel and the United States?

A gazebo we can believe in. As far as I can tell, Barak Hussein Obama got a $100,000 grant for a guy who donated $550 to his state senatorial campaign. What a rate of return for a quid pro quo.

"When Barak [Hussein Obama]'s Berserkers Lost the Plot". "...[E]verything that could go wrong with the campaign against Palin did." Heh.
Journalists who believe in women's equality should not spread sexual smears about a candidate, or snigger at her teenage daughter's pregnancy, or declare that a mother with a young family cannot hold down a responsible job for the pragmatic reason that they will look like gross hypocrites if they do.
Do tell.

I've done my best to stay away from Barak Hussein Obama's slip of the tongue where he said "my Muslim faith", because people make stupid verbal mistakes all the time and Barak Hussein Obama is the Democrat answer to Dan Quayle. But in that link, Neal Boortz mentions it as part of a larger pattern of media backstopping for the Democrats and Barak Hussein Obama's continual assumption that he is already President, and that the coming election is a mere formality.

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Record-setting cold summer for Alaska. But that's impossible, because the artic ice melted!

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At some point I must read this article on the economic effects of Vista's DRM thoroughly. But 6 PM on a work night is not that time.