October 21st, 2008

#1314: OSC FTW yet again.

"Upholding the Constitution:
What was the public emergency that made it so the New Puritans could not wait to persuade people to vote for what they wanted? The only emergency was that they knew that they could not do it. They knew democracy would not choose what they wanted.

Therefore small groups of dictators have simply taken it upon themselves to deny universal human practice and remake the law as they saw fit, without waiting for democratic process.
Orson Scott Card describes first how Roe v. Wade legalized abortion, and then goes on to discuss gay marriage in the same context. That paragraph I just quoted is the best description of why so many leftists in this country are trying to steal the upcoming election.

...a process that right now seems to work for them could just as easily, and just as unfairly, be used against them. But they think only in the short term. They don't mind leaving democracy in a shambles and making the Constitution a joke, as long as they get their way....
Emphasis mine. (C'mon, you know I love to emphasize things.)

And, OMG, this one's a real kicker:
The New Puritans who are forcing this on us are dictators at heart, haters of democracy if it doesn't get the results they want. Isn't it ironic that most of them call themselves "Democrats" and call their opponents "fascists"? I guess "marriage" isn't the only word they've redefined.
Orson, let me be the first to welcome you to the Republican party. Leave those douchebags and come over here. I think you'll like the climate better.

In the meantime, I'm beginning to think of starting myself an Orson Scott Card library--going to the book store and buying every damn one of his books I can find.

* * *

Michelle Malkin talks about what it's like to be subject to "wealth redistribution" by hearkening back to Zimbabwe under Mugabe.

...I was about to say that it was an inapt example, as in the Barak Hussin ObamaNation the rich will be shafted in order to buy the votes of the poor, and in the cited case it was a (rich) Mugabe crony who got the farm. Then I realized that--ultimately--all socialist policies are meant to concentrate power in the hands of the people who are in charge. Therefore, it is not actually an inapt example, but a perfect one.

'Cause you don't actually think that--this time--wealth redistribution will actually equalize anything, do you? I certainly don't. It never has. Let's look at an example.

Bill Gates has a net worth of about $47 billion. Now, 11% of the people in the US can be considered "poor"; that's about 33 million people. So if Barak Hussein Obama took all of Bill's money and split it up among those poor--assuming nothing was taken by the government for administrative costs (Ha! ha! I am a jokester!)--it would amount to roughly $1,500 per person.


A one-time payment of $1,500 isn't going to lift anyone living in the US out of poverty. And the next year, when BHO and his cronies come back for more, Bill Gates would be sitting in his new (and much smaller) house, saying, "Well, all I've got is my income for this year, whcih is $176 million."

And so if they took $175,000,000 from him and split it up among the 33,000,000 poor, each person would get...five bucks. ($5.30, to be exact. That's like the cost of a Big Mac combo. But if they took all of Bill's income for that year, instead of leaving him a measly million on which to live, each person would get a whopping $5.33!)

Assuming that BHO still wanted to lean on old Bill, by the time he sent his thugs around to Bill's place next year, I expect they'd only find a "for sale" sign. Checking with the post office would net them a forwarding address in the Bahamas or Switzerland or somewhere Bill could retire on his next year's income and hide from US tax collectors.

Now, of course, this is an extreme example. Of course Bill Gates wouldn't be the only rich man who had to pay; and of course the politicians wouldn't take the entire net worth of the richest 0.5% of wage earners in the country anyway--those are the people who help them get elected.

Besides, the richest people aren't really subject to the tax laws, anyway--there are loopholes specifically designed to let them shelter their massive assets. They still have to pay income tax, but Bill Gates does not pay income tax on all of that fat $176 million Microsoft stock dividend money he collects every year. I'd be greatly surprised if the man paid income tax on much more than ten percent of it. Let's face it: he can afford good accountants and lawyers.

So who ends up paying the "redistributionist" income taxes that Barak Hussein Obama has planned for us?

Well, the "ordinarily rich" do. If you make less than a few million per year, you're not rich enough to take advantage of the tax law, so you get to pay out the wazoo. Unfortunately, the "ordinarily rich" are the ones who provide a lot of the investment capital and job creation in this country.

The guys right below them, who are "upper middle class", provide most of the jobs in the country. These are the guys who want to be "ordinarily rich", and who work their asses off to do it (think "Joe the Plumber"), and these are the people who Barak Hussein Obama will really go after with that "$250,000" nonsense, because there is a shitload of money there.

Well, for now, there is. In two, three years? I doubt it. Once the ObamaNation enacts socialized medicine, and the 0.7% GDP "spread the wealth around the world" tax, and all the eco-bullshit, those guys aren't going to be able to afford to hire their own kids to cut the grass let alone hire adults to do real jobs, because those people are going to be the ones who get crushed by the taxation the ObamaNation will require.

So, in the ObamaNation, while the super-rich remain super-rich, and the rich get poor, the poor will not get any richer. Who will benefit from the massive transfer of wealth? Why, the Democrats who are overseeing the entire operation will, of course!

The USSR is the best example. At its height, the Party elites lived like kings...and everyone else had to stand in line for toilet paper. For toilet paper. The Party elites never had to stand in line for anything; yet everyone was committed to communism because it would ensure "the worker's paradise".

Silly me. I guess I just didn't understand what rapturous joy it is to stand in line for three hours to get a roll of toilet paper.

* * *

Breda engages in some schadenfreude at Jon Stewart. I don't blame her, because I think it's pretty damn funny, too.

Ol' Jonny got his feelings hurt by Sarah Palin, it seems. She said something mean about the east coast elites. She said that not all of the great people live on the east coast, that some of them live in Small Town USA!

Jon Stewart responds the only way he knows how.

Ha ha frickin' ha, Jon. Suck it.

* * *

John Murtha, a Representative from Haditha Pennsylvania, stepped on his genitals last week by saying that "racists" would vote for McCain in his district.

He now grinds them into the astroturf by backpedaling and saying that he meant rednecks.

Way to go, dude--insult the voters in your own district. Maybe this way we won't have to listen to you slander American soldiers in a war zone any more.

* * *

With ACORN being investigated by the FBI in several states for widespread vote fraud, who is the first person arrested?

A Republican, of course, in California! The arrest warrant was sworn out by the office of California Secretary Debra Bowen, who herself was endorsed by ACORN.

Oh no, there's no connection there or anything! Just another Democrat who is trying to protect the integrity of the polls, oh yes!


* * *

Osama bin Laden wants to ignite a "global fireball": set forest fires all over the place, thus causing widespread "ecological damage" and stretching emergency services to their limit.


* * *

I've just about had it with people who don't fucking know grammar. How does something like this get past the editors?:
Astronomers have long talked about a "habitable zone" around a star as being a confined and predictable region where temperatures were not to cold, not to hot, so that a planet could retain liquid water and therefore support life as we know it.
Emphasis mine.

(...Ed briefly contemplates changing the name of the blog to Emphasis Is Always Mine but decides against it...)

Next paragraph contains this: "Some extrasolar planets that one might assume are too cold to host life could in fact be made habitable...." so someone clearly knows which homonym out of "to/too/two" is the superlative. (Hint: it is not "to".)

Since public education has increasingly become political education, it's not surprising that such errors are on the rise. Writing clear, correct grammar is elitist and bourgeois, and we must concentrate more on making sure kids know which candidate is the correct one to vote for, and how to maintain a "sustainable" carbon footprint. That nonsense about reading, writing, and arithmetic? Bleah, first off, it's too hard for the little idiots to master, and second, who can be bothered with patriarchal, phallocentric, reactionist things like facts and figures when right now, in this very city, women have to pay for their own abortions?

* * *

("...when right now, in this very city, women have to pay for their own abortions?" Hat tip to Neal Stephenson. I wonder how many people who love Cryptonomicon have even bothered to read The Big U?)

* * *

We've been having some cold nights lately; it's 36° right now.

* * *

You know what I would like? Some way to have anime ".torrent" files e-mailed to me, just of the series I want, so I don't have to scan through a huge list and think, "Was this the group I wanted this from? Or was it the other guys?" That's the problem with things like the Internet: it gets so convenient that you start to notice how it could be more convenient if you were capable of programming....

* * *

And yes, I can hack my way around C++ and Pascal, but believe me, I suck at programming.

'Way back in 1982, 1983, 1984, I had thoughts of being a programmer, of going to college to take computer science; and fortunately for me, those thoughts languished and went nowhere, because when I got into college and started to take programming classes, I learned how not good I was at it.

But I had had inklings during the mid-80s, when I tried making the switch from BASIC to machine code. No matter what I did I could never write an interrupt routine that worked.

I did write a couple of neat memory-resident code snippets which would set the screen to white-text-on-black (I was using a C-64) and some other neat stuff, but I couldn't make a routine that would run all the time as part of the system housekeeping interrupt routine. It was supposed to look at the function keys and let you hit one to change the border color, another to change the screen color, and a third to change the text color. But all it ever did was bomb right to the "Ready." prompt, and I never figured out what I'd done wrong.

Every program I ever wrote--which was more complex than a few lines--required extensive debugging.

These days I can't even imagine trying to write code any more. I fear that the problems that would crop up for me, coding in a Vista environment, would drive all vestiges of sanity from my mind and reduce me to gibbering idiocy. (Right, yeah, "what's the difference"...fuck you.)

On the plus side, though, my exposure to writing (and debugging) programs has left me with the ability to evaluate conditionals like nobody's business.

* * *

For some reason, lately I have had a real taste for licorice. I don't get it.