October 26th, 2008

#1322: Note to self: don't use tape in a vacuum.

Because peeling the stuff gives off x-rays. Here I always thought that the biggest hazard would be from the adhesive drying out really quickly--but no, it's x-rays.

Fortunately tape does not give off ionizing radiation when it's surrounded by air, so don't fret about wearing a dosimeter when you're wrapping Christmas presents this year.

* * *

Who has the responsibility to ensure the Constitution is upheld?

The judge of the Barak Hussein Obama birth certificate lawsuit says that it's not the average citizen, and apparently the case law backs him up. (The case in which McCain was sued with regards to his eligibility, for example--something I had not known of--was nullified for the same reason.)

Well, that's great. So, assuming that Barak Hussein Obama is in fact not a "native" according to US law, he can still be President because no one has the authority to stop him? Does this mean we can elect Arnold Schwartzeneggar President next?

* * *

And, by the way, it is "unprofessional" to ask hard questions of Democrats. I'm really surprised the journalist in question didn't know that. Doesn't she understand that the hard questions are only for Republicans?

* * *

Last night there was a House, MD marathon on USA, and I managed to watch only a few eps before succumbing to the need for sleep. I'd gotten a few hours of sleep yesterday morning, after work, but not nearly enough; and it caught up with me. But I set the VCR, so I now have three eps waiting for me to watch 'em. And I can skip the commercials.

* * *

I'm getting a little tired of the "two new, two old" thing on Powerblock, but there's not much I can do about it.

On Horsepower TV they got a used truck engine and refreshed it, with the idea of building a good performance engine for $2,000. For once they actually showed us how to go through a good engine and refresh it rather than starting with an engine in need of overhaul and completely rebuilding the freaking thing.

This was useful to me because the spare 2.8 V6 I have for the Fiero is in pretty good shape, needing only rings and bearings to be as good as new; now I know how to make the block all purty and ready for those parts. I have to mike the cam bearings to see whether they need replacing or not; but if they do, it's $50 at the machine shop to have that done. Cleaning the block, giving the cylinders a light hone, these are all things I can do myself. (Given the appropriate tool I could probably install the cam bearings, too. But I'd wager that tool would cost more than $50.)

* * *

Gas has fallen more than $1 per gallon in the last month. When I went by the corner gas station yesterday, it was $2.68 per gallon. A month ago it was $3.74.

It's good for us, because when Glorious Leader is securely in power, all that stuff about drilling for oil and exploiting our domestic resources will go bye-bye, and the oil fields will be closed.

I'm telling you, we're in for a rough patch. Well, maybe we're due for it; we've been riding the results of Reaganomics for 20 years, now, and both parties have been working on systematically dismantling everything that gave us that prosperity. And it's going to take some hard knocks to wise up the populace enough to the point that the hard choices will be at all palatable.

Though I've engaged in a lot of "doom and gloom" about what the ObamaNation will mean for us, I'm nonetheless optimistic about the long term ramifications of it.

The Democrat party is going to rise to power on fraudulent votes and the help of a corrupt press. These things will not go unnoticed by the greater American public; and when the Barak Hussein Obama administration crashes and burns a la Carter--and the press continues to refuse to ask hard questions--it will sour the average American on Democrat poltics for years to come.

* * *

A prediction: regardless of the demand situation, if Barak Hussein Obama becomes President-elect, expect gas prices to rise. A Democrat administration means closed oil fields; and closed oil fields means reduced supply.

In fact, many businesses are already "girding their loins" in anticipation of the ObamaNation. When unionizing votes will instead give way to petitions, unions will have an easier time of expanding their influence--and unions always mean a serious rise in labor costs. (Expect unemployment to rise, too. And take-home pay will stagnante, because people will have to pay union dues.)

I wonder what will happen to unions in "right to work" states? Iowa, for example, is just such a state; it means that if you go to work in a union shop, you're not required to join the union. I'm just wondering if the law eliminating the secret ballot requirement will also make "right to work" a thing of the past....

* * *

The rest of this entry is being written several hours later. You see, my ability to connect to LiveJournal died for no apparent reason just as I was trying to post this. Chaos obviously ensued; I ended up watching the eps of House, MD eps I'd taped last night and then going out into the driveway and trying to get some work done.

The '86 has its engine cradle in and the rear suspension is most of the way together. Despite my being severely anal-retentive about putting bolts into labeled ziplock bags, somehow I lost the bolts for the left-rear hub-to-knuckle bolts, the "bowtie" bolts (there is a bowtie-shaped crossmember that goes under the fuel tank, hence the name) and the nuts which fasten the ends of the fuel tank straps together. I was unable, therefore, to reinstall the fuel tank, even half-assed. Argh etc--and so the car remains immobile.

My plans for the afternoon therefore got about 40% accomplished. I bought a new cordless drill/screwdriver at Ace ($36) and was going to put up the cabinets once I'd gotten the '86 out of the garage. Unfortunately I did not reckon with the two hours I spent searching for the missing bolts I needed.

On the plus side, I can get the right bolts for that nonsense. So maybe by this time about two weeks from now I'll have the '86 in the driveway and under the cover, and the '85 in the garage. Maybe. And maybe I'll just find someone who wants a cheap project car and let him take the thing.

* * *

Now it's 5 PM and we're going to go get some food; and after that I'll probably collapse.

* * *

Funny thing: I took the cover off the '85, intending to charge the battery so I could start it; when I opened the decklid, I saw a furry MASS underneath it. The mass began to move!

"Aigh!" I exploded. "My car's got kittens!"

It was the three cute and fuzzy kittens of the outdoor cat we have hanging around here. They clearly weren't expecting the roof of their shelter to just disappear, and they were all asleep, so it took them a few moments to react to this unexpected turn of events. Heck, if I'd had gloves and a cage, I could have caught a couple of them. As it was, one was trying to escape by crawling down the back side of the engine, but it couldn't really go that way, so it was trying to move with one little white hind paw sticking out. I grabbed that paw between thumb and forefinger--gently--and gave it a little wiggle, going, "Eeeeee!"

I am certain those kittens are now traumatized for life.