October 31st, 2008

#1328: No! That's impossible!

Canada has socialized medicine! How on Earth could something bad happen there? Socialized medicine makes everyone all responsible and chummy and happy and nice! (My sarcasm here refers to this idiocy, which I thought I had done a post on, but apparently did not.)

First link: guy was supposed to be in jail for 45 days. Instead, he was in jail for 225 days. (This is, of course, the fault of the previous administration up there in Canada.)

Second link: If only the US could get socialized medicine, everything would be better! Because people would care for each other more!


* * *

Barak Hussein Obama boots from his plane reporters from newspapers that endorsed McCain. Just tosses 'em right off the airplane: "Sorry, we don't have enough seats!" What that actually means is, "We don't have any seats for RETHUGNICAN NAZIS!"

Just imagine the outcry would be like if the McCain campaign had done this kind of thing.

...but the media in this country isn't biased or anything. No. I'm just seeing a bias where there is none because so much of the centrist coverage goes against my personal political beliefs.

I don't know how many times I've had to argue my point, but this election cycle is all the fricking proof I'll ever need that I have always been right about this.

Not to mention the sheer mean-spirited nature of this. Is Barak Hussein Obama so insecure about himself that he can't tolerate the implication that someone, somewhere, doesn't think he's the right man for the job? The reporters he threw off his plane probably support him and think the paper's endorsement of McCain was wrong, so why is he punishing them?

The answer is that he's not punishing the reporters; he's punishing the papers: "You don't support me? Fuck you. You just lost access, bitch." And this is how he runs his campaign. How are things going to be when he's Commander in Chief of the military? When he's got the FBI and the Secret Service and the Justice Department at his beck and call?

What will he do when people start to be critical of his policies? What will happen when reporters start looking seriously at his administration, when the bloom is off the rose? Because some journalists will look--not many of them, but some--and some things will come to light that may make him look bad. (They need not actually be illegal things, either.) What will happen to those reporters?

(Limbaugh: "We have a pretty good idea of how [Barak Hussein] Obama will govern....")

* * *

Last night I had the devil's own time finding my horror anime. I looked through every single damn box of tapes I've got in my room and could not find it. It sucked. I spent like two hours trying to find the stuff, and I knew it had to be somewhere....

...finally I remembered that I'd put a box of tapes--one--in what used to be my Dad's room, and that box had gotten moved into the bathroom when the guy had been putting the new windows in.

Sure enough, on the vanity, was the box--with Laughing Target on top of the contents, inside.

So I watched LT and Mermaid Forest, and then I fell asleep.

It's interesting to watch something you've seen at least once per year since getting it; I practically know LT by heart. (The scene in the warehouse still makes me wince.)

I was going to watch more, but the search wore me out--and I'd been up since 9 AM anyway. I've got Devil Hunter Youko, Phantom Quest Corp, Vampire Princess Miyu--the OVA series and a few of the TV eps--the 3x3 Eyes OVAs, and Mermaid's Scar.

Let me clarify something: anything with "naughty tentacles" is not "horror"; it is pr0n. I'm glad we're all clear on that point. I won't watch tentacle anime.

Most of the good anime horror isn't about people being messily shredded. It includes those elements, but mostly it's the tone of the story which makes it "horror".

In Mermaid's Scar the primary antagonist appears to be a 10-year-old boy. (And they actually got a 10-year-old boy to do the English dub--and he nailed it.)

* * *

...and it's almost noon and I've got to get to bed soon--work tonight, and I'd rather not feel embalmed when trying to work.

Next week, I'm on M-F-Sa, and I'd wager that it'll be the same every week afterwards until January: the Christmas season starts at 12:00 AM tomorrow morning--at least for retailers--and things are going to be ramping up. Tomorrow is probably the last Saturday I'll have off for two months. Whee!

#1329: Got my Yawara! today.

Eps 1-40 are now in my hands.

I've actually seen eps 1-52 (the first two seasons' worth) but it's a start, one I've waited nine freaking years for. And I've been wanting to re-watch this series anyway, even though I know it through and through. (At least, as I said, through ep 40-odd.)

The video quality is very good, though scenes with a lot of red appear a bit overdriven or oversaturated. But the quality of the video transfer is very good.

Of course I am comparing these DVDs with fansubs which were copies of copies of copies (probably of copies...) and it was all analog, so the colors on my fansub tapes appear faded. IIRC one reason AnimEigo took so long with this release was that they were restoring the video, though.

Still, original master directly to DVD will make for a much better quality video even without restoration. You can see a lot more detail in the DVD than you could in the fansubs.

Naturally the set came on a work night. *sigh* But that's okay; I've seen this stuff before.

* * *

From the image in Dan's blog I made these: