January 3rd, 2009

#1419: Chicken McMaggots!

...I haven't had chicken McNuggets since...geeze, I can't even remember when. Today, while waiting for Mom to pick up a prescription, I realized, "I want some McNuggets."

My oldest sister always called them "McMaggots"--she steadfastly refused to eat anything from McDonald's after she worked there in the 1970s--and would buy them for her cats. (She'd take the breading off and feed the chicken to the cats. Mostly when traveling.)


* * *

So let me make sure I understand this:

For Minnesota, Democrats want to seat Al Franken, who has somehow managed to "recount" his way to a 50-vote lead.

For Illinois, Democrats will refuse to seat Roland Burris, Blago(D)'s pick for Obama's replacement, to the point of siccing the Capitol Police on him if he insists.

In the former case, Republicans will filibuster. In the latter case, I expect they'll sit back and laugh. I would.

* * *

One reason of many I don't want the Olympics to come to Chicago in 2016. It's going to be an expensive boondoggle that'll end up costing everyone in Illinois money, and for what?

Other reasons I don't want it: traffic; the incessant blather on the local channels; stupidity; traffic; the inevitable "Olympics fever" that'll settle on the area.

* * *

Hello? Ethel and Julius Rosenberg? WTF, this isn't news. Read Ann Coulter's Treason. There were spies all through the US government. Evidence of one more spy isn't even remotely surprising.

* * *

Archive of Lake Superior University's words that should be banned. It goes back to 1976.

* * *

Trig is not Sarah Palin's baby, but Obama was born in the USA!

No, all these conspiracy theories are utter nonsense. All of them. Where's Buzz Aldrin when you need him?

* * *

I managed to eat 18 McNuggets of the 20. Same as always.