January 14th, 2009

#1429: Work and WoW--now it's Wednesday!

Well, Monday I slept. I played WoW until daybreak and hit the hay, then went to work Monday night as usual.

Tuesday--came home and slept until about 5:30; I had breakfast (dinner: stuffed green peppers) and then played WoW for 11 hours.

Suddenly it's Wednesday morning.

Michelle Malkin on the big tax increase that is coming. Of course.

2001 Beetle (air-cooled, Mexican-made) for $11,000. $11,000 is a bit much. But in the late 1990s in Cedar Rapids, there was a used car dealership which was selling something very close to this.

Some company took a no-good air-cooled Beetle and stripped it to its chassis, and repaired anything that was wrong with the chassis. They then took everything but the chassis from a new Mexican Beetle and installed it on the newly-repaired chassis. This let them sell an essentially new air-cooled Beetle as a 197x (or whatever) Beetle.

The difference being that since this used an old US-spec Beetle chassis, it was subject to whatever emissions and safety laws were in effect during its year of manufacture. That meant the requirements for airbags and passive restraints didn't apply, and it meant the things could have 1970's-level emissions controls on them. (Which, it must be said, did not work as well as modern emissions control systems do).

O Lord I wanted one. I still so. I have always liked the air-cooled VWs.

* * *

Anyway, as for WoW, my dwarven hunter is now 31st level. I could get a mount if I had about 30 more gold than I have now.

The problem I'm facing now is that I am in one of those little doldrums that this game seems to have: I am too wimpy to move into higher-level areas but there aren't any decent challenges in the areas that I've already explored--and I've exhausted the quests, so I'm having to grind to gain levels.

("Grind": go out and kill everything you see in order to garner XP and money.)

I haven't encountered many 30th level monsters. When I do, they're freaking mobs and I can't pull just one, so I end up getting slaughtered.

I've exhausted all the solo quests in Darkshire, and I'm getting there on the quests in the Wetlands. All I have left in most places that I've been are group, dungeon, or elite quests. And the new areas that I can access seem to start the monsters around 35th level.

...One quest that I picked up in Ironforge sends me to the western side of freaking Kalimdor, and I have no idea how to get there. I can get to the eastern side of Kalimdor, but I am not nifty enough to survive crossing the continent. Argh etc.

So I know that I'm missing something, but I have no idea what.

Oh well. Obviously I am still finding things to do, since I spent 11 hours on it today.

#1430: Stupid freaking people

There are about six inches of fresh snow on the ground. The snow was predicted several days in advance, so it's not like it was a surprise or anything. Yet two major highways in the Chicago area have serious delays after each had a 15-car pileup.

I had to take Mom to the bank this morning; on the way back, a moron in a Cadillac SUV was tailgating me on a snow-covered road, presumably because he thought I wasn't going fast enough. (When I let him pass me, he tailgated the guy who had been in front of me.)


I'm starting to think that a whole mess of morons out there have nothing in their brains but a neon light that flashes "GO FASTER" every thirty seconds! (To borrow a phrase.) The simplest and most effective way of avoiding a car wreck in this weather is simply to slow the hell down, yet these idiots insist on driving the way they drive on dry pavement, with predictable results.

"Predictable", that is, to anyone with more than a flashing neon sign for a brain.