April 10th, 2009

#1523: o, g, y DU i think their stupid?


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Just remember that there is always some truth to stereotypes. That's why they become stereotypes in the first place.

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Right below that at the actual web site is a video clip of a Camaro at the drag strip, and apparently the person who put in the 4-link suspension didn't actually weld it; or perhaps he used a 110-volt flux-core unit to do the work of a real MIG welder.

Look, I've got a 110-volt flux-core welder but at least I understand that it's only good for tacking things in place, and that I need to take big stuff to a welding shop for structural welds. I could build a go-kart with this welder, and it's perfect for spot-welding sheet metal; I could not build a 4-link drag suspension that would hold up to any real power. I wouldn't even try.

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It's so nice of XKCD to let people hotlink their images.

This person is doing us all a great service. Besides, you never know; a tiny change like that might be all that is required to prevent the robot apocalypse.

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I was gonna say.... Ordindarily, when lightning strike an airplane, there is very little exterior damage done to the plane. The airplane isn't grounded; the lightning strike merely changes the electrical potential (voltage) of the airplane. Aircraft have to be constructed such that this changing of voltage doesn't damage anything important, because the change is rapid and consists of hundreds of thousands of volts, but when lightning strikes an airplane it's not like lightning striking the ground: the airplane doesn't have to absorb "1.21 jiggawatts" or anything. In fact, the actual energy absorbed by the aircraft is rather small compared to the total energy in the lightning bolt. (That this can still be enough to cause equipment failure should not be surprising: lightning packs a wallop.)

This image shows the aftermath of an equipment fire aboard the aircraft, and that makes a lot more sense. An airplane suffering this kind of damage in flight would have a lot more trouble than just popping a few fuses; the cabin would vent to ambient and it would probably take someone with it.

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Obama's inner circle is really, really rich. How much you want to bet that Obama's millionaire insiders aren't going to have to worry about the tax increases?

Hey, don't get me wrong, here: even Democrats have a right to be rich. But if Obama were a Republican, the reporting would be a lot more negative and include quotes from people who would insist that this means that he's "out of touch" and all that nonsense.

In fact, I am trying to think of a single President from the last 50 years who came from the middle class, and I am failing to do so.

Wait: Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan didn't even go to an ivy league school. And he was arguably the best President of the 20th century. (No wonder. His intellect wasn't ruined by ivy league nonsense.)

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Got to love the eco-hypocrisy here. Obama wants eco-friendly pizza, so the owner of a "green" pizza restaurant travels (round trip) 1,600 miles to make pizza for the President. Actually they are bringing the ingredients with them, so this is essentially a delivery.

That's neither "green" nor "sustainable", you eco-tool. I am certain that there are plenty of pizza joints within Washington, D.C., which could provide a pizza with a smaller carbon footprint than this pizza's going to have.

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More Malkin: The Congressional Black Caucus is a bunch of useful idiots. "Useful", that is, to the Castro regime in Cuba.

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This link--also Michelle Malkin, about the Somali pirate situation--mentions something from Obama's Secretary of Homeland Security.

She refers to terror attacks as "man-caused disasters".

Well, that fixes everything, doesn't it? While we're at it, let's rename other tragic events, so that we can "...move away from the politics of fear toward a policy of being prepared for all risks that can occur"!

"Cancer" is now "excessive and potentially fatal cell growth".

A "heart attack" will now be called a "heart disaster". (Okay, this is good.)

The recession should now be referred to as "the George W. Bush Economic Decline".

Hurricanes are "extended severe weather events".

Tornados (particularly fatal ones) are "acute weather hazards".

Having to eat ice cream that's left in the freezer too long and takes on that kind of bitter crunchy flavor that makes it unpalatable is "a suboptimal frozen dairy product experience".

The next four years will be called "the worst administration in US history".

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I didn't know Breda was a gamer. She even carries her dice in her freaking purse. God damn it, all the good ones are taken....

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Anyway, so in WoW I've been playing Yet Another new character, a rogue. (Name: Bitsychan, after one of the rogues I had in D2.) And as of now she's 21st level, and getting close to 22nd.

I'm not sure when I created the character. (Blizzard ought to have a way for you to know when the character was created, dang it.) It hasn't been a week, though.

And the rogue character class is very effective in combat. For a character that uses two knives and wears leather armor, it can tank pretty well.

"Herbalism" helps; once you get to a certain score with herbalism you get a free healing ability that generates 60+ hit points per second for four seconds. That saves my bacon when a pull goes awry and I suddenly have three monsters of approximately my own level pounding on me.

But the rogue can deal damage quite quickly; and I was--for once--a bit greedy while on a Deadmines run, and "needed" blackened Defias armor bits. I now have 4 out of 5 set items, though some are greens and some are blues, and the bonuses stack rather nicely, so I've got some good armor and knives to go with the neat rogue skill set.

I took herbalism because I wanted to try "Inscription", and the inscriptionist gets his inks from pigments made from milling herbs. The relative paucity of herb vendors in the game means you have to farm the stuff yourself.

The inscriptionist can do some interesting things, and it's nice to be able to rip off a few glyphs for party members as a kind of "thank you". Glyphs are hard to find and they give nice little perks.

(If I was smart I would make glyphs and put them up for sale at the auction house. I'm going to be lvl 30 soon and will want to get a horsie....)

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It's Friday, and I get to go to work tonight. Wheee!