April 13th, 2009

#1527: Obama did the right thing.

That is not something I expect to say a lot these next four years. But letting Navy SEALs deal with Somali pirates := right thing.

The Somali pirates are reportedly "angry". Boo hoo.

* * *

The Department of Homeland Security under Obama is assessing the risks of "right-wing extremists". Roger Hedgecock says, in his article, "This report smacks of profiling and harassing American citizens based on their political views, and specifically based on their opposition to the Obama administration's proposals."

* * *

Vanity Fair appears to believe that the Limbaugh audience will crumble just like Air America's audience did.

A common misconception on the Left is that they own the youth demographic, that no one under the age of (say) 30 could possibly actually be conservative. This is demonstrably false.

But the problem with Air America was that it wasn't entertaining. Liberals don't have fun; they can't. Their idea of political debate is to get angry and insult those who disagree with them, because their views are at odds with reality; the only way a liberal can win a debate using facts and data is to make up that information beforehand and then select an opponent who doesn't know the data is false.

Limbaugh has the facts on his side, knows it, and isn't afraid to discuss the issues in a calm and reasoned manner...and he has fun with things, making the show entertaining.

Listen to a liberal talk politics: it's either boring, or else it's a vitriolic diatribe.

Air America failed because the shows weren't any fun to listen to; the hosts didn't have any talent. Come on, Al Franken was one of their big headliners--and that man has never been entertaining, ever. The only reason he had two best-selling books was that he insulted Limbaugh with the first one and Bill O'Reilly with the second. Any die-hard liberal will buy a book titled "Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot".

So Vanity Fair is engaging in wishful thinking, here. Limbaugh's show has survived since 1988 and has long outlived any prior prediction of its demise. I mean, people said that his show would go away after Clinton was elected; then they said it would die when Bush was elected--and none of these predictions has come to pass. (In fact, I'd wager that people tend to listen to Limbaugh more with a Democrat in the White House; and by attempting to demonize Limbaugh, "Carter 2.0" basically gave Limbaugh free advertising.)

* * *

Anyway, so Mom's got a procedure at the eye doc today, I don't have work tonight, and I need a shower. I'ma going to take care of that.

#1528: Just go give the guy a Lewinsky and get it over with

In today's Chicago Sun-Times there's an article by one Jennifer Loven. The headline of the article asserts, "Smooth sailing: President passes first national security test".

"...President Obama's 'no drama' handling of the Indian Ocean hostage crisis proved a big win for his administration in its first critical national security test."


Ms. Loven then proceeds to write about how courageous Obama was to take such a risk, in prose that demonstrates that she must've drenched her panties while she typed the story. The gushing prose leads me to hope she has a battery-operated device in her pencil cup or desk drawer--or that she at least took the rest of the day off so she could take care of certain matters in private.

In the first place, Obama muffed his "first national security test": North Korea performed a long-range ballistic missile test after telling the US it had better not do or say anything mean about it.

In the second place, Obama didn't display so much as an iota of courage by ordering the Navy to rescue the guy. The press would have covered his ass if the hostage had been killed before the Navy SEALs could rescue him. The death would have been blamed on the pirates, regardless of how the guy died, because after all the guy wouldn't have been in danger if the pirates hadn't captured him in the first place.

I suppose I needn't point this out, does it really take a lot of courage for one politician to make a decision about the life of a nobody who's 8,000 miles away? Even if that decision does turn out to be wrong?

Third, this wasn't anything like "critical". Not for the US. It was certainly critical for the hostage and his family, and to a lesser extent it was critical for the pirates--but for the United States? No.

"Critical" is when, I don't know, a group of people seize your embassy and hold its personnel hostage for more than a year. "Critical" is when terrorists fly crowded airplanes into office buildings. "Critical" is when someone commits an act of war.

But "reporters" of Ms. Loven's ilk will trumpet any success by Obama as an unprecedented triumph. And this is why many newspapers (the Sun-Times included) are filing for bankruptcy: the press is hagiographic towards Democrats and extremely critical of Republicans, and the American public is getting wise to it.