July 24th, 2009

#1646: Let the crumbling begin.

Yahoo! has a story contrasting Obama's claims about Obamacare with the facts of the situation.

Although some of the facts are wrong. The article says, "It's true that people would not be forced to give up a private plan and go with a public one." People will be forced to give up their private plans if anything in those plans changes. The premium for my plan rose this year; does that count? I wonder.

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Obama is blaming Republicans for the situation Obamacare is in. Funny bit, that; here I was under the impression that--in the 2008 elections--Democrats won everything: the Presidency, the House, the Senate:
The party of the left owns the White House, a filibuster-proof Senate, and a 70-seat House majority. As one House Republican aide quipped: “We could have every GOP congressman and their parents vote against a Democratic bill, and still not stop it.” All Democrats have to do is agree on something.
For the Democrats to blame their failure on Republicans is both disingenuous and typical.

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The fact that the Democrats are now postponing further work on socializing medicine does not mean the issue is going to go away. When they get back from their vacation, be on the lookout for them to try to sneak something through. It's not over yet.

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Obama's hero Chavez has perpetrated an economic miracle of sorts on Venezuela: for the first time Venezuela must import coffee.

This is approximately similar to Newcastle having to import coal.

Chavez's stupid economic decisions included fixing the price of coffee at an artificially low level; now people are smuggling the stuff out of the country in order to garner more money for it. This means less coffee remains in Venezuela; and that means importing the stuff (at a higher price than the one set by Chavez) in order to meet demand.

I find it hard to believe that anyone can seriously consider Marxism a viable economic theory when it continually leads to this sort of thing. Every time it's tried.

Scipio, who knows more about--and has seen more of--south America than I ever will, opines on this.
Socialist Nicaragua runs out of water. Socialist Cuba runs out of sugar. Socialist Venezuela runs out of coffee. Believe it or not, once socialist Argentina ran out of beef.
I do believe it. Socialism produces scarcity.

* * *

WTF. People are riding bicycles without brakes or freewheeling mechanisms? Why?

The lack of a sprag mechanism in the rear hub means you have to keep pedaling whenever you are in motion. The lack of brakes--that's insane.

Okay, "just stop pedaling"? I suppose I could go into a lengthy discussion of torque, moment arms, and gear ratios, but instead I'm simply going to say that people who wish to rely on leg strength to stop themselves when they're going 15+ MPH and a truck pulls out in front of them are potential Darwin Award winners.

Give me a regular bike. These people are morons.

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"Here we are, six months into the great adventure and already our hero [Obama] is in deep doo-doo."

It's a pretty scathing critique of the Obama administration. You won't see anything like this from the US press.

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Obamacare has loopholes which illegal aliens can exploit.

The bill doesn't lay out any way to verify citizenship, and relying on the methods already established and approved by the federal government will--to put it mildly--not work. (I mean, come on, they already work so well...) (/sarcasm)

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People who don't know science but do know World of Warcraft are frequently surprised to learn that thorium is a real element.

It sure is: element 90, with an atomic weight of 232 and change. It's in the actinide series, two stops below uranium. It's abundant in the Earth's crust and it can be used to generate power the same way uranium can.

We simply don't use it because uranium is better understood: we know what and how to a degree which we have not yet mastered with other power metals.

Read Heinlein's Rocket Ship Galileo. That's where I first learned of the existence of thorium, when I was about 11.

* * *

Sorry, Og; I don't buy it.

If you have ever had a collision--I have had several--you come to understand the forces acting on your body inside the vehicle during a collision. I don't think Og's ever had a serious one else he might have a different opinion of seat belts. (He says he has been "harmed severely" by the three-point harness, but does not offer details.)

Og's position is that the system is not 100% effective, therefore it's unsafe. This is a logical fallacy, reductio ad absurdum.

Are there situations wherein seat belts cause injuries? Yes. No system is perfect, and all systems have failures. On balance, however, you are better off wearing your seat belt than not wearing it--you have a greater chance of surviving a collision with one on than without. You certainly have a greater chance of surviving a rollover with a seatbelt than without.

"How many people do you know that have been 'saved' by seat belts?" Og asks. Well, other than me, my mother, my oldest sister, my other sister, her husband, a couple of friends (one of whom was in a rollover)? Other than them?

I will not own a car or truck which does not have seat belts. Period, end of sentence. Anything I end up owning that did not come with them will have them retrofitted.

Og is welcome to do as he likes; if he doesn't want to wear his belt I am certainly not going to force him to. If he doesn't mind paying the fines for it, whatever. But his argument is faulty and there's no way in hell I'm going to give up wearing seat belts.

* * *

The car in the embedded video sounds like the freakin' GRX from Speed Racer. The original GRX, I mean, from the cartoon. Awesome.

Yes, that t-bucket needs seat belts. Shut up.

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What a wiener:

fail owned pwned pictures

But that's not a "hat fail"; it is a "hat wearer fail".

"Southbill" is stupid, anyway. That's something a punk-ass little kid does, not an adult. Grow the f up, wear your cap the right way, and stop being such a moron.