August 19th, 2009

#1685: Here's your wind power.

Check out this post by Rod Adams. Or just have a gander at the graph:

To this image I have added a bold blue line--the horizontal one across the entire graph--which shows the installed capacity of windmills. Notice how the output never reaches that line?

The red line in this graph indicates how much power is being generated and consumed--that's what "balancing authority load" refers to--and notice that under the best of circumstances the windmills generate scarcely 33% of the required load, and frequently fail to generate even half of that.

For most of the time period depicted, the windmills are generating less than 15% of the total power required.

It looks to me as if a "typical" draw is around 6 GW, and super-hot weather led to draws of 7 GW and more. The windmills generated a maximum of 2 GW of power, out of a total 6 GW required, for a few hours of one day. The rest of the time it didn't even do that much, and on the hottest days when electricity was in the greatest demand the windmills weren't producing squat.

Oh, here we are: "On August 6 its grid carried more than 2,000 megawatts of wind-generated power for more than 60 minutes--enough to power Seattle and Portland." Yeah: for one hour.

After that, they had to turn the coal plants back up.

That's why wind power is no good for mass generation: it's unreliable and you can't schedule it.

* * *

So as I said the other day, I've been rereading Masakazu Matsura's I"s and as usual I am just agog at the artwork.

Work on the light novel continues, too. The main character has gotten into drawing manga, and what series is she drawing? Sunshine Bird and Tearful Tears, of course.

Now I have story descriptions!

Sunshine Bird: a high school girl turns into a magical girl who uses the power of the sun to dispel evil bad weather demons.

Tearful Tears: It's about a girl who can’t cry, who has never cried in her life--she’s never experienced sadness at all, because she’s physically incapable of feeling sad, no matter how bad things get. She has a twin sister, who is physically incapable of feeling happy. And the two of them get boyfriends, and it’s about how their lives change.

(I don’t know yet if they ever get over their afflictions. Maybe they should. Should a story called Tearful Tears have a happy ending?)

Hat tip to Steven for the title of the latter, of course. even though I am not going to develop these stories in any kind of serious way I may have to come up with character designs for them anyway.

You know, the above synopsis for Tearful Tears sounds exactly like the sort of angst-fest that Steven hates. No wonder he said it was a nightmare.

* * *

I should talk a bit about anime and the playlist, I guess.

I finished Yozakura Quartet; it's a good show. I liked it.

Ikkitousen: Great Guardians has more of a plot than the last show did, but even legendary fan service can't make me care about the characters. One ep left of this; I won't miss it when it's done.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu has one ep left. Yuuto--uncharacteristically!--has lost his self-confidence. This is a really good series, though. You know how--in many series--the main character lets himself be bullied by his older sister and teased a lot by her sexy friend, his teacher? Yuuto is impervious to it: it's happened enough to him that it no longer bothers him. I'm really glad there's going to be another series.

Hatsukoi Limited, K-on, and Hyakko: I've seen three eps of each series. I like them.

Once Haruka and Ikkitousen are done I'll swap in two other series. Probably Rosario+Vampire Capu2 and...jeeze, I'm not sure. Something. I've got a shit-ton of stuff I haven't watched yet.

* * *

From a hilarious guide to etiquette I saw on 4chan:

"Though he doesn't share their viewpoint, Captain America is considerate of the feelings of his vegetarian friends."

"Deadpool bounds up the vegetarians and force-feeds them meat loaf."

I think I like the cut of Deadpool's jib.