August 26th, 2009

#1696: Ted Kennedy is dead, and I can't say I'm sorry.

I'm not running into the street celebrating the man's death, but I'm not sorry he's gone, either.

* * *

So Dennis has a three-fer going on.

#1: This CIA "torture" investigation is red meat for the commie-libs. It is meant to distract and/or placate them after Obama's attempt at backing away from "single payer" health care.

The more I see of Obama, the more convinced I am that the man has no spine whatsoever, exactly as Dennis suggests. He is certainly not a "leader" in any sense of the term.

#2: Inmates given stimulus money. How the hell does that happen? Why did a bunch of criminals get money and not the rest of us? I want my $250.

#3: Lefties are unhappy that the CIA investigation doesn't go after Bush and Cheney. There are a large number of reasons the investigation can't include the prior administration; one of those reasons is that Obama himself expects to be an ex-President sooner or later, and the last thing he wants is for someone to have a precedent for investigating the things he is doing. (And I am talking about the Bush policies that he has allowed to continue, not the extra-constitutional stuff he's pulled.)

* * *

White House: "While the danger of the economy immediately falling into a deep recession has receded, the American economy is still in the midst of a serious economic downturn."

We're in a deep recession already, you asshats. What part of "10% unemployment" do you not get?

Toyota would not be cutting its payroll if we were not in a recession.

Just avoiding the word "recession" does not mean we're not in one.

#1697: Just when you think they can't screw it up more

engrish funny basic belong

"All your basic us belong to"?

Do I need to explain this?

"All your base are belong to us" is, of course, legendary on the Internet. It's a bad translation; it was "Engrish" to start with. And so someone has managed to further "engrishify" the phrase. Jesus.

This kind of thing is why Translation Party is so much fun. Ironically enough, if you put "All your base are belong to us" into that site, and then put "all your basic us belong to" into that site, they both end up reducing to the same phrase: "Bascially belongs."

I'm sure there's a lesson in there somewhere.